Best 9 Swimming Pools in Cambodian Hotel

In the middle of heating sun, swimming in a pool seems to be a great idea. That is why if you are visiting Cambodia this Summer, you may want to check out these pools which are open to the guest of the hotels. Check them out below for a great pools design in Cambodia.

Tamu Hotel in Sihanouk Ville

Looking for a four stars hotel in Kampong Som? Look no further, Tamu Hotel is a great place to relax. Built right next to the Otres beach, this hotel is constructed with a 17 metres pools for the relaxation of  its guest. So why not, go on and book the hotel now.

Thanks to its 4 stars status, Tamu Hotel’s rate is around 100$ per room. Check directly on their website here:

tamu hotel pool at night

Beautiful night view of a swimming pool in a Sihanouk ville Hotel.

17 meter swimming pool in tamu sihanoukville

hotel in sihanoukville with swimming pool – Tamu Kampong Som

tamu swimming pool

Swimming Pool at Sahaa beach resort

Located in an oasis of Sihanoukville Otres beach, the Sahaa resort provides a great relaxation experience to any expats and tourists. Most of all, this is one of the hotels in Sihanoukville with pool. Check them out.

sunset at Sahaa beach resort hotel in cambodia

beautiful sunset on a pool of sahaa beach resort in Cambodia

sahaa beach resort pool view Sahaa beach resort swimming pool

Kampot hotel with swimming pool – Pippali Boutique

Did you recall Pippali boutique hotel? If not, check this video giving a great bird eye view of this 6 room boutique hotel in the cozy and quiet part of Kampot, Cambodia. This hotel also have a beautiful designed 15 by 4 metres pool. The hotel is amazing for a party and honeymoon goer. I suggest to book for the whole hotel itself. Click here for their direct FB page.

swimming pool in Kampot town during sunset

swimming pool in Kampot town during sunset – Pippali Boutique Hotel

pippali swimming pool

15 meter swimming pool in kampot province.

Harmony Hotel with a large pool

This hotel is very centrally located. It is very near to the National museum, the independent monument, the palace and the riverside. Its swimming pool is beautifully design. Check them out.

harmony hotel in phnom penh swimming pool


Conclusion Remark

Voila, this conclude my post with 9 photos of swimming pools in Cambodia’s hotel. Enjoy…

Best 9 Swimming Pools in Cambodian Hotel
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Best 9 Swimming Pools in Cambodian Hotel
Cambodia is hot and humid. Enjoy the cozy swim in one of these 9 pools in Cambodia. From Sihaoukville to Kampot to Phnom Penh, you can rest assure that you will enjoy the break from the heating sun.
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