Pippali Hotel in Kampot with swimming pool

pippali boutique hotel in kampot

Cambodia is a lovely country. I love its beautiful coastline which according to Wikipedia, is a 443 km long. Bear in mind that this long coast line does not include those white sand beaches on several islands that were only open to tourism industry recently. In fact, I have chosen Cambodia as my summer holiday destination for 2017. More specifically, I am sitting in Pippali boutique lounge as I type this post. Well, this post is exceptional as I usually would do the review on different country’s interior designer and this time I just do not really know who is the architect of this hotel but I just fall in love with it at first sight.

Hotel in Kampot with swimming pool

Pippali Hotel is a newly open (at soft opening stage) and newly built boutique hotel. What amazes me is the fact that this hotel has just six (6) rooms. Yes, you hear me right, not sixty, not sixteen but pure six rooms. This mean I could manage to get the whole space to myself.

Well beside the amazing space, I love its 15 meters long and 4 meters wide pool – see this beautiful advertising spot on their facebook page:

Their swimming pool has several water jet which gives a sensation of a Jacuzzi like type of pool. Given the fact that the hotel has six rooms, rest assure you have a sense of privacy and harmony all in one place. Just for a record, today I had used this cozy midsize pool in Kampot province thrice. Once in the early morning, then in the afternoon and lastly during the evening time (they do keep the pool running until 10pm or later upon request).

Interior D├ęcor of each room

I enjoy sleeping on the bed which was not very hard nor very soft. A perfect bed for mid aged couple to retired persons. The room is considered spacious and very clean and equipped with shower room and bathroom which are well ventilated.

The interior decoration is simple and yet classic for this type of boutique hotel in Cambodia, I would say. Hence, for the price I am paying now, I enjoy the luxurious of being in an almost private villa all to myself.

Pippali Hotel Soft Launch

River Cruise to complete my stay in Kampot

I had asked the hotel for a river cruise. Luckily to my surprise the hotel confirmed the availability of the evening cruise where I can have dinner together with another group of tour. In fact, the cruise is not owned by the hotel so I had to joined the other group. That evening, it was the BBQ on the boat and what I enjoy was the source for the squid. It is really yummy.

Conclusion Remark

This is a new cosy and exclusive boutique hotel equipped with a bar and a restaurant. Besides the occasion mosquitos flying around me, I have nothing to complain. Well, below is the proof of my stay at Pippali.

pippali boutique hotel in kampot
Above the shoulder view of Pippali Kampot Resort Hotel with Swimming Pool
very clean bed in Pippali kampot hotel
A large double bed decorated in a dark blue silk covered quilt and pillow. The bed aint soft and aint hard, perfect for middle aged persons and retired people.
pippali front gate
An exclusive view of the front gate of Pippali Boutique Hotel

pathway toward the reception of Pippali resort

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