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1302602 - Greenworks Lawn mower

Gone are the days of wintry light kissing coldly on your face. Snow flurries has stopped falling and they do not swirl around people’s legs like house cats anymore. This is the end of your hibernation period. Snow is melting off the panes and treas. Wintery breaths are no longer clouding the ponds; frozen lakes have also stated melting off. Summer is around the corner and everyone is excited about it. This is the season when leaves are dark green and full, opened towards the sunlight and breath in the hot aromatic air. This is the time when you watch the trees, how they sway in a warming breeze. The sky blazes blue and the sun is a celebration of yellow, free and bright. The flowers everywhere, having vibrant hues, looks like scattered rainbows that arises from earth and water, yet can be nothing without golden rays of sun. They are a new masterpiece each day, changing the frameless scenery, gazing upward at the ever-present sky; they are the warmth of the land that give thanks to the warmth of the summer sun. The beaches are more people than sand. The birdsong drifts as well as any summertime pollen. It comes as magical as any flute and as soulful as love’s kiss. There is no cooling breeze or cloud to block the highest sun. It seems like suddenly someone has clicked on the resume button and the paused euphoria has once again came to life.

As the summer sunshine pours over the moist soil, the earth welcomes the green grass and in almost no days, the green carpets of grass spread everywhere including parks, lawns, backyards etc. The soundless footsteps on the grass brings joy to the heart and refreshes the soul with the gentle tickle as each footstep forms a gentle cushion of green. Each strand of grass moves in the summer breeze as easily as a girl’s hair.

This is the time when families reunite to spend time together. They go to parks or sit in their lawns, smell delicious hotdogs or enjoy hot smoky barbecues. Children run around under the clear sky screaming with joy. The summer breeze hits your face like a ball of warm air. Everyone feels the grass as they can grab it in their hands. The coolness of summer shade can also be felt. Everyone enjoys the beautiful landscape while relaxing on the picnic blanket.

As the summer proceeds, the grass grows greener and longer in a wilder manner. Though it presents a very beautiful sight but to enjoy the luxuries that summer season brings, the grass needs to be trimmed short. The grass is usually trimmed using a lawn mower.

real Greenworks lawn mower reviews

What is a Lawn Mower?

Back in times there were only pasture lands and no lawns which had to be kept clean. At that time, herds of domestic animals such as sheep and goats grazed the land to get food. This also kept the pasture lands neat and tidy. With the passage of time, as things advanced, people stated leaving empty spaces in their house to make lawn. Several different tools were used to keep them neat and tidy.

A lawn mower is a machine with one or more blades which is used to cut grass to an even height. Before the mid of 20th century, reel mowers were used which had a cylindrical blade and was operated by manpower i.e. the blade rotated as the man pushed the mower forwards. Later, a lawn mower powered by internal combustion engine was invented by a British engineer Edwin Bunning in 1830 which became available to public in 1902. The electric operated lawn mower became available in markets in 1926.

Now a days, the most common type of mowers used are reel mowers which can be manual push mowers, electric mowers or gas mowers.

lawn mower history
A brief Histoy of Lawn Mower

Manual push mowers

Manual push mowers usually have two wheels and a blade. The body and handle are both made up of steel. Some manual mowers have a bag or steel container attached to it to collect the trimmed grass while others do not have anything attacked to collect the trimmed grass. Manual push mowers require extra effort to push it forward especially on the patches where the length of grass is long. FYI, I have just at home and one negative point on manual mowers is the sound it makes. It is pretty loud, although less loud than the electric or gas mower, it is still loud. Hence, this is for your consideration if you decide to buy one of these manual grass trimmers.

manual grass reel mower

Gas Powered Mowers

Gas mowers use gasoline or petrol as fuel. They are powered by inter combustion engines which are usually four-stroke engines. Their power generally ranges from four to seven horse powers. The real effort is to pull their cord to start these mowers. Although they do cover more range and have greater power than electric mowers, but still, they are disliked due to their non eco-friendly nature. They create significant amount of pollution due to combustion in their engine. They also create noise which makes working with them difficult. Their engines require periodic maintenance such as cleaning or replacement of spark plug and air filter and changing the engine oil.

gas powered lawn mower

Electric Lawn Mowers

Electric mowers are classified into corded and cordless mowers. Corded electric mowers get their power directly from power source plugs. They are limited in range as they are dependent on the length of the cord which reduces its mobility. There is also an additional hazard with these machines of accidently mowing over the power cable.

In contrast to corded lawn mowers, cordless lawn mowers are much handier. Cordless mowers get their power from charged batteries. This allows to have freedom of movement as it is not limited to the length of cord and there are no risks of the cords getting worn out.

Electric lawn mowers are noiseless which makes them eco-friendly. They also emit less toxic waste and gives your lawn an impressive clean cut. Starting these mowers is also effortless because pulling the string is not necessary as you can simple push the start button on. It is also light weight enough that it can be pushed and lifted easily, even kids can push it with least effort applied. Even there are cordless lawn mowers which are self-propelled so that you do not need to apply any effort just has to supervise which direction the mower is going to.

electric lawn mower machine

Lawn mowers comes into several sizes. Generally, small sized, non-powered push mowers are used for lawns and gardens having small surface area. Cordless electric lawn mowers are used for residential lawns or gardens which have slightly larger surface area. Riding mowers, which sometimes resemble small tractors, are larger than push mowers and are suitable for large lawns, although commercial riding lawn mowers (such as zero-turn mowers) can be “stand-on” types, and often bear little resemblance to residential lawn tractors, being designed to mow large areas at high speed in the shortest time possible. The largest multi-gang (multi-blade) mowers are mounted on tractors and are designed for large expanses of grass such as golf course and municipal parks, although they are ill-suited for complex terrain.

How to choose a lawn mower

There are several companies which offers lawn mowers in different models and sizes. Some of them are Honda Motor company, Ltd, Toro, John Deere, Cub Cadet, Craftsman, Lawn Boy, Greenworks, Makita, Bosch, Worx, Wolf Garten etc. All these companies offer lawn mowers in different models and sizes. One is better than the other. One company can offer you a product in $500 and another company can offer you the same product with same features in $250. It all depends on what brand you rely on. It is obvious that the price has something to do with product’s quality, durability and reliability. There will be a difference in the quality of raw material used to manufacture the product. Some mowers might be corded while others might be cordless. Some mowers might support only two grass discharge features while others might support three discharge features. Similarly, the battery capacity that mowers support and the position of cutting height might vary from model to model.

Buying a lawn mower depends on how you are going to use it. If you have a big lawn, then you need a cordless electric lawn mower with a steel deck but if you have a pretty small lawn then buying a manual lawn mower or a corded electric mower with plastic body will be enough for you.

Why mowing your lawn is necessary?

Mowing your lawn at least every month or after every three weeks is necessary. There are several benefits of cutting your garden grass regularly such as:

  • A garden with freshly cut grass enhances the beauty of your landscape and makes it appealing to the viewers. The most obvious benefit of keeping the lawn neat and mowed is that it shows the aesthetics of the home’s owner and the pride they take in their home. Lawns and yards that receive proper mowing and maintenance provide neighborhoods pleasant, friendly and high valued atmosphere.
  • When the grass is cut into uniform length, it will grow back more in uniform length and with denser green color due to the even distribution of resources like water and sunlight also when grass clippings are left on the surface, they decompose and re-enter the soil, enriching it and thus improving the overall health and beauty of the grass.
  • It also keeps your lawn healthy and eliminate some pests from the grass because overgrown grass can quickly become infested with pests. Tall grass and weeds provide a suitable habitat for bugs and rodents which not only looks weird and creepy but can also become the reason of spreading diseases.
  • Various pieces of debris are also picked while mowing so that nothing gets accumulated on the grass.

Greenworks Mower – Is it the Best cordless mower?

One of the leading brands in home care and horticulture solutions is Greenworks. Greenworks was founded to market industry in 2007 leading lithium-ion technology and outdoor power equipment produced by parent company Globe Tools Group. Three years later, in 2010, they introduced a power line of corded outdoor power equipment designed for the needs of residential consumers who wanted eco-friendly power products without noise, fumes or hassle. In 2013, Greenworks introduced the company’s first dual blade battery operated cordless lawn mower. The Smart Force Dual Blade mower used smart cut technology to regulate power on this revolutionary mower. Today, they are the leader in battery operated outdoor power tools for DIY-consumers and landscaping professionals. The company distributes Greenworks-branded and private label products, as well as products for an extensive network of Original Equipment Manufacturers. With a robust line of Greenworks-branded products including 24-volt, 40-volt, 60-volt, 80-volt and commercial grade 82-volt battery-operated outdoor power equipment, a full line of corded equipment and reel mowers, Greenworks offers the right tool for every job. They mainly deal in providing power tools for homes and farms. Other than mowers, their products include snow throwers, batteries and chargers, hedge trimmers, cultivators, pressure washers, chain saws, blowers, string trimmers and edger. They also deal in hand tools like vacuum cleaners, compact drills, rotatory hammers, screw drivers, fishing sanders, drill drivers, circular saws and impact drivers.

The best lawn mower to use for residential spaces is a 40 Volt 20-inch cordless lawn mower. Greenworks offer different models in this type of lawn mowers.

Greenworks SmartCut Technology

All the lawn mowers mentioned here have SmartCut Technology which is the main feature of Greenworks lawn mowers. This means that these lawn mowers automatically adjust the speed of their blades depending on the thickness and length of the grass. This feature of Greenworks Lawn mowers makes them unique and different from others.

You do not have any need to adjust the speed of the mower yourself. This makes these mowers easy to use to use and handle for people with age between 15 to 60.

MO40L410 G-MAX 40V 20-Inch Cordless 3-in-1 lawn mower’s Features

  • The model number of this lawn mower is MO40L410
  • The handle of the mower is long enough to make it easy to operate because the handle comes somewhere up to or between your abdomen and so holding it and applying force is an easy task.
  • This 20-inch lawn mower is pretty much bigger than a lot of other lawn mowers. It supports 4Ah battery. The body or “deck” of the lawn mower consists of a compartment with a flip top lid for the battery. There is a space for one extra battery as well so that you can quickly switch the battery without causing any delay in your mowing task.
  • The deck is made up of Steel which make it durable an ensures its long-term use.
  • The maximum cutting height of this mower is 1 3/8 inches and minimum cutting height is 3 3/8 inches.
  • There are three ways for the grass to come out. It can either come out form the sides or gets gathered in the bag that is attached to its back or comes out mulched.
  • You can also adjust the height of the body to get grass mowed to your favorite length. All four wheels gets adjusted at the same time.
  • It also has a feature of “Variable Speed” which helps to get more power when cutting high grass and slows down when cutting low grass.
  • Starting the device is also easy and effortless. All you need to do is to pull the white lever back and push the button that is attached to the handle of the mower. It hardly takes 10 to 15 seconds to get started. It is noiseless and the only sound you can hear is a fan like sound of the rotating blades.
  • Storing the device is also easy. You can fold up the handle to make the over all device lean. This takes less surface area.

Greenworks 20-inch 40v twin force cordless lawn mower review

  • The model number of this lawn mower is 25302.
  • The handle of this mower is also long enough to give you a good grip over it.
  • It has a stamped type deck and the material of the deck is plastic. Though its plastic material makes it much lighter, but this might be less durable than mowers having steel deck. But still it is best suited for mid-sized lawn.
  • The deck comes with two compartments with flip top lids both. One compartment is for placing the battery which will power the mower while the other compartment is for storing an extra battery which will provide you uninterrupted cutting.
  • All four wheels of the mower can be adjusted to 5-position height with a single lever to get the cut of your favorite length.
  • The maximum cutting height of this mower is 3 3/8 inches and minimum cutting height is 1 3/4 inches.
  • The front wheels of the mower have 7-inch diameter and the rear wheels of the mower has 10-inch diameter.
  • The battery capacity is 4Ah which gives up to 60 minutes runtime. This time is enough time to get your lawn grass trimmed. But if you still need to use it, then you can use second battery which comes along it with a capacity of 2Ah.
  • It has two blades, one placed little backwards to the other. The twin blades make the mowing effortless and speedy.
  • The trimmed grass gets collected in the bag that is attached to the back of the deck, extending horizontally but a little lifted vertically upwards. It also has a mulch function. It is easy to switch to between mulch function and rear bag.
  • Turning the device on is easy and effortless. Well, this is the common feature which comes in Greenworks lawn mowers, because this is what their vision explains. All you need to do it is to simply pull the lever and push the button that are attached to the handle. It turns on and gets ready to use in very less time.
  • This lawn mower does not come with a vertical storage which means you cannot fold the handle of the mower to make it lean and easy to store.

40V 20 in. Cordless Dual Port Battery Lawn Mower with bonus 2.5Ah Battery and Charger

  • The model number of this lawn mower is 1302602.
  • This model of the Greenworks lawn mower almost has the same features as that of the model number MO40L410 (discussed above). The body is made up of steel, has a single large blade and has 3 ways to discharge the grass i.e. mulch, bag or side discharge.
  • The only difference between this model and MO40L410 model is that this model comes with an additional battery of 2.5Ah capacity along with 4Ah capacity battery whereas MO40L410 model comes only one battery with 4Ah capacity. But like model number MO40L410, only one battery can be used as a power source at a time in this model.
  • All four wheels of this model also can be adjusted to 7 position height with a single lever to get the cut of your desired length.
  • This model also offers compact storage which means the handle of the mower can be folded to make storage easy.

1302602 - Greenworks Lawn mower

You can buy it directly from directly.

40V 20 in. Cordless Lawn Mower with 4Ah Battery and Charger

  • The model number of this lawn mower is 2516302
  • This lawn mower also has a steel body and weighs 77.16 lbs.
  • It is perfect for small-sized lawns because the battery capacity is 4Ah with up to 40-50 minutes runtime and 120 minutes charge time.
  • The deck of the lawn mower has a compartment with flip lid to place the battery.
  • The front wheels have 8-inch diameter and rears wheels have 10-inch diameter. The wheels are adjustable through a single lever.
  • This mower also starts instantly without any extra force and is noiseless and produces no fumes that could add pollution to the air.
  • The handle of this mower is also foldable and consumes up to 30% less space in your garage due to its vertical storage feature.

2516302-Cordless Lawn Mower with 4Ah Battery

You can buy it directly from directly.

Other Best Greenworks gardening tool with fast shipping

Bestseller No. 1
Greenworks 60V 42” Cordless Electric CrossoverT Riding Mower, (4) 8.0Ah Batteries and (2) Dual Port Turbo Chargers
  • [CUTS UP TO 1.5 ACRES] – Cut all-day with “Mow, Swap, and Go”. For continuous mowing, use the two batteries while the remaining two charge
  • [24 HP EQUIVALENT] – Cleaner, more even cuts versus gas with constant 17K FT per Min blade speed
  • [42” DECK + BRUSHLESS MOTOR] - This electric riding mower features a durable 42" deck, and a highly efficient brushless motor that provides more torque, quiet operation, and longer life
  • [8 MPH CUTTING SPEED] – Industry’s fastest cutting speed
  • [4X QUIETER THAN GAS] – 4x quieter than gas mowers for a peaceful (90 dB) mowing experience
SaleBestseller No. 2
Greenworks 2 x 24V 21" Brushless Cordless (Self-Propelled) Lawn Mower + Blower (320 CFM) + 12" String Trimmer, (2) 5.0Ah Batteries and Charger Included (125+ Compatible Tools)
  • Mower Features: Equipped with 2x24Volt power, this mower boasts a 21-inch steel deck. It offers a versatile 3-In-1 System for Mulching, Rear Bagging, and Side Discharge. Users benefit from 7-position height adjustment and a brushless motor for efficiency. Its vertical storage design saves space, and it comes with a reassuring 3-year warranty.
  • String Trimmer Highlights: This string trimmer features a 12-inch cutting path and a brushed motor. The 0.065" cutting line and Auto Feed system enhance its functionality. It is reliable and covered by a 3-year warranty.
  • Blower Advantages: The blower is powered by a brushed motor, generating 320CFM at 90MPH. It offers up to 20 minutes of runtime and is ultra-lightweight for ease of use. The variable speed dial adds flexibility, and it's backed by a 3-year warranty.
  • Battery and Charger Specifications: The kit includes 2 x5Ah Batteries and a Dual port Charger, ensuring extended use and convenience. These components are also covered by the 3-year warranty.
  • Greenworks Combo Kit: This comprehensive combo kit unites a mower, string trimmer, and blower, all designed for efficiency and ease of use. Each tool is backed by a 3-year warranty, ensuring reliability and customer satisfaction.
SaleBestseller No. 3
Greenworks 40V Cordless String Trimmer and Leaf Blower Combo Kit, 2.0Ah Battery and Charger Included
  • 40V COMBO KIT – This string trimmer / blower combo kit allows you to keep your walkways and driveway clear of overgrown grass and weeds, enhancing your curb appeal.String trimmer operation temperature range : 32°F (0°C) - 113°F (45°C)
  • 12” STRING TRIMMER – Powers through the toughest grass and weeds. 12” cutting path, .065” line, auto feed head for quick and easy line advancement
  • LEAF BLOWER – Provides powerful clearing performance featuring 390 CFM air flow and 110 MPH air speed. Variable speed trigger with cruise control provides controlled airflow when it’s needed most
  • LIGHTWEIGHT – Ultra lightweight design, along with superior ergonomics allow for reduced user fatigue
  • EASY TO USE – Push button start. Included 2.0Ah battery recharges in 60 minutes
SaleBestseller No. 4
Greenworks 40V 12-Inch Cordless String Trimmer, Battery and Charger Not Included, BST4000
  • High Performance G-MAX 40V Lithium-Ion Battery delivers fade-free power with no memory loss after charging
  • 12-inch cut path with .065 dual line with auto-feed head to rip through weeds for fast trimming
  • Variable speed trigger for power on demand
  • Compatible GreenWorks Replacement Spool, Model 2900719
  • Battery and Charger Not Included - Compatible with GreenWorks G-MAX 40V Lithium-Ion Battery Models 29472 and 29462 and Charger Model 29482
SaleBestseller No. 5
Greenworks Pro 80V Cordless Brushless String Trimmer + Leaf Blower Combo, 2Ah Battery and Charger Included STBA80L210
  • The 80V brushless axial blower and 16” string trimmer combo pack provides ultimate performance at a great value
  • Brushless motor provides more torque, quiet operation, and longer life, Ideal For: Up to 1 Acre
  • String Trimmer features a 14 / 16-In cutting path, durable .080” line, bump feed head, adjustable handle, and variable speed trigger for added control
  • Blower features an axial design, with up to 500 CFM / 125 MPH wind speed. Variable speed trigger with 3 speed selections (low / medium / high)
  • Includes 80V 2Ah lithium-Ion battery and rapid charger (30-minute charge time)
SaleBestseller No. 6
Greenworks 40V 16" Cordless (Push) Lawn Mower (75+ Compatible Tools), 4.0Ah Battery and Charger Included
  • CORDLESS LAWN MOWER – Get more done, faster, with Greenworks electric lawn mowers. This 40v push lawn mower provides the power you need with up to 45 minutes of runtime on a fully charged 4.0Ah battery. The battery completely charges in 120 minutes.Brushless motor : No
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, EASY TO USE – A lightweight 16” cutting deck allows for easy maneuvering through small to medium yards (up to ½ acre) more efficiently. Easy push button start and lighter weight make it a great choice for your lawn.
  • VERSATILE – Battery powered lawn mower has a single lever 5-position height adjustment with a cutting height range from 1-1/4" to 3-3/8" for the best cut in all environments. The 2-in-1 feature offers versatile use with mulching and rear bagging options.
  • MAINTENANCE FREE – This walk behind lawn mower is virtually maintenance free, with no gas, no oil and no emissions. It starts instantly and is quiet but delivers gas-like power for your toughest projects.
  • INCLUDES – Battery operated lawn mower comes with mower, grass collection bag, 40V 4.0Ah battery, charger and operators manual. It offers a 3 year tool and 3 year battery warranty.
Bestseller No. 7
Greenworks 80V 21” Brushless (Push) Cordless Electric Lawn Mower + (500 CFM) Axial Leaf Blower + 13” String Trimmer (75+ Compatible Tools), (2) 2.0Ah Batteries and 30 Minute Rapid Charger
  • Powerful Performance: This lawn mower blower combo kit boasts an impressive 80Volt brushless motor, ensuring efficient and reliable performance for your yard maintenance needs.
  • Versatile 3-in-1 System: Equipped with a 21-inch steel deck, this kit offers a 3-in-1 system for mulching, rear bagging, and side discharge, providing flexibility to suit your lawn care preferences.
  • Convenient Battery Setup: Featuring 2x2Ah USB Batteries and a 4A rapid charger, this kit offers hassle-free cordless operation and quick battery replenishment.
  • Adjustable and User-Friendly: With a 7-position height adjustment, hand-push design, LED lights for low-light conditions, and vertical storage capability, this kit prioritizes user comfort and convenience.
  • Comprehensive Package: In addition to the lawn mower and blower, this combo kit includes a 13-inch string trimmer, a variable speed trigger for precise control, and a generous 4-year warranty, ensuring you have all you need for a well-kept lawn and peace of mind.
Bestseller No. 8
Greenworks 40V 8" Polesaw + Pole Hedge, 2.0Ah Battery (Gen 1)
  • 40V COMBO KIT – This polesaw / pole hedge trimmer combo kit allows you to keep your trees and hedges trimmed and healthy, enhancing your curb appeal
  • 8” BAR AND CHAIN (POLESAW) – for easy trimming of branches
  • 20” BLADE (POLE HEDGE) – dual action blade for optimal performance, and trimming of tall hedges. 7-position pivoting head for trimming at multiple angles
  • EASY ADJUST TENSIONING - for quick tightening of the polesaw chain
  • AUTOMATIC OILER – applies oil to the bar and chain to ensure durability and extend the life of the chain
Bestseller No. 9
Greenworks 40V 8" Brushless Edger, Battery and Charger Not Included
  • 8" EDGER BLADE - with curb wheel guarantees the perfect edging every time​.No load speed : 6500 ±10% RPM
  • BRUSHLESS MOTOR – Provides more torque, quiet operation, and longer life
  • TOOL-LESS DEPTH ADJUSTMENT – allows added control over cutting depth​
  • LIGHTWEIGHT / EASY TO USE – ultra lightweight design, along with superior ergonomics allow for reduced user fatigue​
  • MAINTENANCE FREE – This edger is virtually maintenance free, with no gas, no oil, and no emissions. It starts instantly, is quiet, and delivers to the power you need​
SaleBestseller No. 10
Greenworks 40V (Powerful, Quiet, Lightweight, 1 Hour Rapid Charger, 75+ Compatible Tools), 2.0Ah Battery and Charger
  • 40V SWEEPER : perfect for cleaning leaves and debris off hard surface areas and patios​
  • 150 MPH / 135 CFM :delivers powerful performance. Concentrator nozzle makes clearing debris from tight spaces a breeze​
  • VARIABLE SPEED DIAL : for maximum power, great for moving heavier objects​
  • COMFORT GRIP : superior comfort and control​
  • LIGHTWEIGHT : for better handling and less user fatigue

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