Picnic Resort Cambodia Review

I am taking a taxi from Sihanoukville to Phnom Penh via Cambodian national road number 4. Unlike the national road number 3 which I took when I visited kampot earlier, this road is way smoother. According to the local, in recent months the government has decided to lift the toll fee from the private investor which make people very happy about this move. Besides the national road, a new train service in Cambodia has been established. What is special about the train service is that similar to the one in Switzerland, you can board your car onto the train wagon for a reasonable price. However, we need to know that the royal railway Cambodia schedule is still limited and at time the train runs more than 7 hours to reach Sihanoukville from Phnom Penh via Kampot province. For that reason, I decided to take the taxi service instead of using the railway for my visit.

peppa pig in cambodia

Around one quarter of the way, we found one resort namely Picnic Resort where we decided to stop for our lunch. It was a pleasant surprise to have something that huge in the middle of no where, I would say. When I interviewed the employee over there, I understand the owner is from Svay Rieng Province. This picnic resort Cambodia employs more than 100 people over the land of 7 hectares.

cambodia national road number 4

Picnic Resort in Cambodia’s features

This 7 hectare space hotel/restaurants features the following:

  • Camping ground for university student
  • Hotel rooms
  • Restaurant d├ęcor in Cambodian style
  • Conference room, especially for office retreat
  • Eco friendly compound
  • Organic vegetable farm

Picnic Bungalow Address

This bungalow is located at : National Road number 4, Boeung Trach Village, Chamcaluong, Kampong Seila District, Sihanoukville (roughtly 90km from Kampong Som).

sihanoukville to Picnic resort map


Picnic Resort Review

According to Google, this resort in Cambodia receives a 84% happy customer i.e. 4.2 out of 5 starts based on 51 trustworthy reviewer – see graph below:

picnic resort cambodia review

Among the positive reviews, one customer claims that the resort is a very large organic farm land where the owner grows their own fruits and vegetable plus the greenery is a rare scene in Cambodia. Other reviewer also state similar point of view i.e this resort is located in a big space and very good for the kids and perfect for lunch before reaching Sihanoukville.

On the other hand, one customer state that the place does not have any air conditioning neither hot water. At time, the electricity is cut off and hence s/he gave just a 2 stars only.

Picnic resort Menu

As seen above, many customers are very satisfying with the large farm area which is very good for children. This means during lunch time, you can enjoy your lunch while your children enjoy their playground. It is a perfect combination. Now in case you are looking for the restaurant menu, please ensure to click below for a higher resolution pdf of the picnic restaurant menu.

picnic resort restaurant menu

Picnic Resort Photo Gallery

Finally, I cannot resist of sharing the photos captured during my visit to this remote resort in Cambodia. Enjoy

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