The Warehouse foodfair Decor

wooden and metal table inside Phnom Penh warehouse foodfair

When I visited Cambodia earlier this year, I had a chance to have a dinner at one of a newly open restaurant: The warehouse foodfair. It is brightly lid at night in one of the remote suburb of Phnom Penh city. I would consider this restaurant one of the exception in the neighbourhood in term of décor. That is why, I will be showing you how it looks like from the inside

The Warehouse FoodFair Phnom Penh’s interior décor

Inside this newly opened restaurant, you will notice the warehouse style décor i.e. square or rectangular metal and wooden material. It makes use of lots of light bulb to bright up the whole area. Enjoy the photos here:

foodfair warehouse exterior decor the warehouse foodfair inside view warehouse foodfair phnom penh interior design wooden and metal table inside Phnom Penh warehouse foodfair

The Warehouse FoodFair address

This brightly lid Singapore influenced food is located at Street 372, Phnom Penh 12160 near Ou Baek K’am – see the map below

the warehouse foodfair address

Conclusion Remark

Phnom Penh has many different type of restaurants from the street food style to 6 stars top range style. This warehouse foodfair is somewhat managed to get my attention during my visit due to its unique décor and yet simple and bright. Well done to the owner!

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