9 outdoor lighting ideas for backyard of house

romantic outdoor lighting on a tree and a couple seat

It is almost 2a.m in the morning here while I am typing this article. My boy just woke up about an hour a go and while putting him to bed again, I started to get hungry. As such, after a cup of noodle down into my stomach, I looked outside and could enjoy the lighting of my neighbour’s garden. It was made of the LED which light his pathway. On the other side of my house is another beautiful lighting on their swimming pool. All these amazing lighting at night inspires me to this post.

Outdoor Lighting Ideas for backyard

LED lighting is cheap nowadays and they are consuming less energy and hence would save you a lot of money in the long run. I highly recommend these type of lighting for an outdoor backyard. Okies, so here are some ideas:

beautiful outdoor lighting ideas for backyard with dining table
A very warm night thanks to these outdoor light bulb. These are not LED light bulb but instead a warm color bulb weather proof
blue LED lighting of a pathway of a backyard at night
A straight pathway with blue LED lighting. Making a modern home look bright no matter what time of the night.
romantic outdoor lighting on a tree and a couple seat
romantic chair with string lighting outdoor in a backyard.

Where to buy these outdoor lighting? First – You can definitely buy them from any lighting store or hardware store near you. But I highly recommend buying online for the simple reason of the competitive price and comfort from your home. Click here to buy from Amazon which has thousands of outdoor lighting at a discounted price.

suspension lighting from tree at night outdoor decor
suspension string light from a tree

outdoor LED lighting of a terress with stair

patio lighting at night in my backyard
suspended light bulb for outdoor romantic night swimming pool lighting at night warm color lighting for outdoor garden

Conclusion Remark

Life is unpredictable. At time, I am so happy while the other time I am sad for no reason. The only thing keeps me going is my family and my love for home décor. I always find the zen design concept soothing and provide harmony to any home.

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