fatboy lamp – transloetje transparent lamp Review

transloetje lamp indoor usage by fatboy

Are you looking for a hand size lamp that are great for home décor and at the same time very mobile? Meet fatboy transloetje transparent lamp. Probably the world first indoor and outdoor LED lamp made by fatboy.

Indoor transparent Lamp

Fatboy, well known for its Lamzac beanbag, creates this awesome indoor lamp that is not just bright but also comes with three shade of light through the transparent LED. Its many features include the cordless lamp that you could place it indoor. Many of the customers in fact use the lamp near to their bed as a reading light at night.

transparent fatoby transloetje lamp for home decor review
Beautifully placing a transparent cordless lamp by fatboy called Transloetje. Amazing wireless lamp review by Toby John

fatboy transparent lamp review home decor transloetje indoor lamp by fatboy transloetje lamp indoor usage by fatboy orange fatboy lamp review


Outdoor LED Lamp

This fatboy transparent lamp can also be used for outdoor. For example, you can use this LED lamp as a reading light or place it on a dining table or a desk next to your night garden. The wireless property of this lamp make it very mobile. Hence when you buy this light, you can rest assure to making full use of it. A very good investment I would say.

fatboy transparent transloetje lamp review outdoor fatboy transparent lamp for reading book outdoor transloetje lamp by fatboy for back yard garden

Conclusion Thought

While aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, this lamp is definitely a great piece for a home décor. The fact that it can be used for both indoor and outdoor, make it a good investment. Furthermore, since it use LED lighting source, it’s going to last for many years to come.
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