5 best backyard garden at night that will surprise you

night view overlooking a swimming pool and garden of a private residential

I love zen garden, I admit. The peaceful and everything is in order and in harmony gives me peace of mind. I am amazed by the creativity of many garden designer who can make any space, small or large into a sanctuary that one can escape into. In other words, as we age, we prefer quiet place and a personal garden in our back yard gives us that exclusive solitude time.

As I realized many of my posts so far, often focus on daytime garden design. Hence, let’s be different and check these 5 never seen before nighttime view of a residential garden in the backyard.

beautiful residential garden at night
I feel so peaceful by just imagine being seated in those furniture by the moonlight – a really beautiful residential garden by night with patio furniture.
backyard private home at night with moonlight
Top left: a beautiful full moon shining over a backyard of a residential house in New Zealand. Bottom Left: patio furniture and a small garden in California at night. Right: a backyard in Italian flat with small backyard at night Zen garden.

backyard decor for garden by night

tropical private home garden at night
A tropical garden at night with a small bridge, very similar to the Japanese garden, I must say.
night view overlooking a swimming pool and garden of a private residential
Beautiful swimming pool with garden and a cottage at the background at night.


I am always falling in love again and again after looking at these five garden of a private residential at night. Frankly, while daytime view give me a soothing eyes, these night views really change my perspective of the garden.

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