10 awesome tree shaped bookshelf you should get for your home

tree branch bookshelf on a yellow wall

tree branch bookshelf on a yellow wall“Tree is a life” as people say. And books are knowledge. Combining the tree and books together create abundant knowledge in life. For that reason, some houses are equipped with tree shaped bookshelf to impress their guest.

Last month, I have posted a 3 diy corner tree bookshelf which many visitors found it useful. Books are essential to develop one’s knowledge and spirit. Books open up the world hat we have not visit and increase our ability to think outside the box. Whether you are a book lovers or not, having a great peaceful space to relax over a coffee or tea is essential for our body and mind. And in order to do that, it is essential to decorate our own living space with something that is suitable. Instead of the usual rectangular shaped bookshelves, how about these unique tree shaped design instead?

For many modern home, these bookshelves give an exclusive look and feel. While selecting appropriate and customized shelves for a classical home could give a sense of evergreen design. No matter what type of houses you are living in, there are different types and colors of these shelves you can select from.

Below are 9 examples of tree shape bookshelves, from a modest to a trendy design.

subtle tree shaped bookshelf for modern home
This great piece is created by Maria Yasko from Russia.
trendy and modern tree shaped bookshelf in an exquisite office space
Exclusive tree branch bookshelves. The good things about this design is that you could add more shelves and thus creating extra branches of the tree as needed.

contemporary tree shaped bookshelf with guitar and fender amp future blue tree bookshelf

green tree bookshelf for children bedroom

the modular tree shape bookshelves by Maria Yasko
Yet another great piece by Maria Yasako. Courtesy from her Behance link:
dark tree root bookshelf design
This is the most complicated dark root of a tree bookshelf I have ever seen. Nevertheless, I think this piece is good for a hotel, instead of home, especially those houses with small kids.
nursery tree shaped bookshelves multiple colors
Multiple colors tree bookshelves – ideal for kids’ bedroom.
nursery white chrismas tree shaped bookshelf
White Christmas nursery tree shaped bookshelf for a small bedroom
simple tree shaped bookshelf for kids bedroom
Pretty kid’s bedroom with a tree shape design bookshelves


Remember that books are windows to the world of knowledge. Therefore, I encourage you to read books or at least to have a bookshelf that you could keep those books and pick them up as needed. When you need some inspiration, do come and look at these 10 awesome design of bookshelves to inspire you.


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