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  • tree branch bookshelf on a yellow wall

    10 awesome tree shaped bookshelf you should get for your home

    “Tree is a life” as people say. And books are knowledge. Combining the tree and books together create abundant knowledge in life. For that reason, some houses are equipped with tree shaped bookshelf to impress their guest. Last month, I have posted a 3 diy corner tree bookshelf which many visitors found it useful. Books are […] More

  • bookshelves on headboard wooden design

    14 unique bookshelves for small bedrooms

    Face it: we are living in an expensive world. Our bedroom become smaller and smaller. As a matter of fact, the 4 room flat that my mother bought 15 years a go is even larger than my current 5 room flat. The ever decreasing in liveable space requires our creativity to make each inch count. For […] More

  • corner tree hand painted with bookshelf

    3 beautiful corner tree bookshelf that you could DIY

    Be inspired, do it yourself with these beautiful corner tree bookshelf. Well, kind of as depending on how good you are, diy may not necessary your cup of tea and therefore hiring someone who is good with wooden stuff may be a good ideas. Nevertheless, with these cute corner tree bookshelf photos, you would get […] More

  • cameroon 1shelf bookcase unisex by Pottery Barn

    7 best bookshelf ideas for children by Pottery Barn Kids

    Pottery Barn Kids is a company founded by two moms in 1999. Its mission is to bring the utmost in quality, comfort, safety and style into each home. They offer an excellent choice of children’s furniture and decor. In fact, this is not an online company and they do have more than 90 stores in […] More

  • Vintage Mid-century modern bentwood birch chair by Svan Studios

    Scandinavian Designs Furniture Collection 2012

    Furniture Scandinavian Design is always unique and qualified, not uncommon to many people who think that the design, such as some models of the Scandinavian Designs Furniture Collection 2012 comes here : 1. Vintage Mid-century modern bentwood birch chair by Svan Studios Vintage Mid-century modern bentwood chair is a Chair birch in combination with some […] More

  • Unique Handmade Meandering Bookshelf

    Unique Handmade Meandering Bookshelf

    A smart imagination comes from Scott Blackwell for Unique Handmade Meandering Bookshelf. not only displays a unique design but overall this shelf running properly function. have basic color black enamel and constructed from plywood original. Unique Handmade Meandering Bookshelf The Meandering Bookshelf can customize any following in the room. this is to avoid boredom and […] More

  • in

    Basic Consideration in Home Library Interior Design

    Suppose you are a book lovers or a nerd who obsessed with any particulars knowledge. You might have hundreds or thousands books of yourself! Where would you put them all when a couple of bookshelves were not enough? Well, try to concept and build a single room just for your books. Yup, a home library […] More