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    Free Standing Towel Rack Ideas for Your bathroom

    So yesterday, I wrote about corner tree bookshelf here. Today, let’s move to the next topic on accessories that we all need in our bathroom: A Free standing towel rack. In case your bathroom is not equipped with a wall mounted towel rack, you will find this post inspiring and get some ideas how it would […] More

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    functional moody aquarium sink

    I am a fish lover. At my house, I have a pond where I keep the Japanese koi Fish for decoration purpose. Indoor, however I have not decided what type of aquarium I should keep because I like the functional aspect of household item. For that reason, I have kept on researching until I found […] More

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    Few-most Basic Small Bathroom Designs

    Using your creative imagination to decorate small bathroom designs is very important in order to get the look and feel that you want. If you don’t have money and live in a home with small bathroom, and you want to fix your small bathroom, take a look of these few-most basic small bathroom designs that […] More

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    Multi-Functional Bathroom Furniture

    Versatile Multi-Functional Bathroom Furniture from Ex.t Some time ago we posted an interview with Meneghello Paolelli Associati, which is an Italian design firm that creates some unique and creative Sanitation. They give some advice to a bathroom creativity to stop looking like a bathroom toilet. They suggested trying to incorporate elements from another room into […] More

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    Decorative Bathroom Wall Cabinet by Regia

    By regulating heading corner laser technology, Regia has combined a splendidly musical bathroom wall cupboard that belongs to their Batik collection. The fretwork doorway is a vital captivate of differently neat and candid pattern of a cabinet. While it adds a beautifying aesthetic, a doorway also reveals a opposite color behind it for even some-more […] More

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    Sprino Collection of Small Bathroom Design by TOTO

    TOTO has released Sprino collection of small bathroom design with an idea of making the whole bathroom floor to be able to accommodate flowing water. This would make the bathroom stay clean and comfort. With no wash basin and furniture in it, the space you have to provide would be just very small, depends on […] More

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