Modern Laundry Room Furniture Design by Valcucine

New design with open space concept from Valcucine

valcucine laundry room modern lifestyle

Are you tired of old laundry room ideas that are so basic? perhaps you are a modern person and hence you want your utility room to look as luxury as possible? Look no further, as I am showing you today a modern laundry room hack by Valcucine. Valcucine tries to approach the problem holistically, with custom ironing boards, fitted cupboards, integrated drawers, shelves and sliding panels that work with and around necessary appliances (including optional mobile laundry baskets located conveniently below each machine).

super large valcucine modern laundry spa

valcucine laundry room modern lifestyle

Below is the ultra luxurious valcucine laundry room in the modern world.

valcucine extra luxurious modern laundry room

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