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  • 5 secret to kitchen style decor

    5 Secrets to Home Decorating For Your Kitchen

    Let’s face it — the kitchen is the heartbeat of your home.  After all, where else do you spend the most quality time with your family, or watch your kids as they do homework at the table, or gather your friends together to enjoy your regular Poker night? That’s why it’s so important to keep […] More

  • mini kitchen in a small space

    kitchen cabinets for studio apartments

    Happy new year. It is the first day of 2018, finally. I wish you a great year ahead for you and love ones. Now, let’s delve into today’s topic on how you can can create small kitchen cabinets for studio apartments. When space is limited, it is difficult to have a kitchen where you can […] More

  • Scullery for An Island

    5 Kitchen Islands Style You can use

    Kitchen islands are very useful because of its multifunctional component of your household. It is always an advantage if you have a spacious kitchen, but don’t get disappointed if you have a small kitchen space. You can still place a kitchen island on it. Even the tiniest kitchen island has a great potential to offer […] More

  • contemporary kitchen design for a studio appartment

    7 best small kitchen design ideas you can implement

    Everyone needs to eat. You have two choices: to cook or go to restaurant. For me, I choose to cook for two main reasons. The first reason is that cooking is a fun activity to do it at home. The second reason is that it is more healthy as I could have many choices of […] More

  • a small space kitchen design in 3d

    3 best kitchen Floor Plan for your next Renovation

    It is quite a norm that every 10 years or so, we need to renovate our own kitchen. In most states or country, this is a costly event and even some banks offer loans just to cover the expense for the renovation. In order to save some costs in this type of project, it is […] More