5 Secrets to Home Decorating For Your Kitchen

decor ideas that will amaze your guests

5 secret to kitchen style decor

Let’s face it — the kitchen is the heartbeat of your home.  After all, where else do you spend the most quality time with your family, or watch your kids as they do homework at the table, or gather your friends together to enjoy your regular Poker night?

That’s why it’s so important to keep your kitchen decor looking fresh, sophisticated, and current.  But you don’t need to hire an expensive interior decorator to give your kitchen a makeover.  In fact, with a little do it yourself home decorating magic, you can brighten up your kitchen without spending a small fortune.

Try these do it yourself home decorating tips out in your kitchen to freshen it up.

1- Think of style

country flair kitchen style
Add Country flair to your kitchen to make it warmer.

Want to brighten up your kitchen with country flair?  Buy a few iron magazine racks and hang them on your kitchen wall as fruit and vegetable holders.  Make sure to assemble the fruits by color to really make an impact.  For the upcoming spring months, we recommend using lemons and limes.

How about the italian design kitchen style? The italian has very rich culture and its kitchen style is usually open space, modern and lots of light. Let’s see some examples here:

tuscany kitchen style
Tuscany kitchen style has lots of wood, curvy ceiling and warm lighting with kitchen island in the middle.

rustic italian design kitchen style

2- Consider upgrade your kitchen cupboards

Do your kitchen cupboards need an update?  Consider staining your wood kitchen cabinets for a glossy look that’s sure to please.  Remove the doors from your cupboards, sand down the wood, and use an old rag to condition the wood.  Once that’s done, use an oil-based wood stain to treat your cabinets.

classic and rustic wooden cupboard upgrade for a new kitchen

ebony wooden rustic cupboard for kitchen

3- Add stencils for kitchen walls

Want to unleash your inner artist while updating your kitchen décor?  Not a problem: grab your stencils, pick a gorgeous paint color (if you have a white kitchen, try a pomegranate paint), and place the stencils at random throughout your kitchen. If you’re hesitant about using paint, there are plenty of stencil stickers out there that remove the fear of commitment.
beautiful stencil sticker for wall stencil for kitchen wall

4- How about colorful kitchen?

To the contrary of the popular ideas of painting the kitchen in a warm color, how about brighten it up with colorful elements? For example, you can dip all your kitchen utensils into multiple color and then hang them on the wall (see this for tips on kitchen storage), as a display for instance?

bright color kitchen wall
Be bold, bright up the kitchen through these colorful wall painting. This multiple color painting gives a feeling of a home that is in the pacific island.
lime color kitchen wall design
Lime color kitchen wall design is really good during spring 2018 for example!

colorful kitchen utensils dipping in multiple paints

large colorful kitchen design

lime and lemon kitchen decor style
2018 is a fantastic year, how about using the lemon color for your kitchen decor?

5- Try white modern countertop

Granite countertop is still the top choice for their durability and beauty. However, other surface materials are also in demand. These include limestone, soapstone, quartz and river rock. Cement and recycled glass are becoming popular as well for their environmentally friendly properties. However, in this secret to home decor for your kitchen, how about upgrading your countertops to all-white, like images below:

super white is the new fashion kitchen countertops
All white is a new fashionable kitchen design that you should consider

modern all white countertops kitchen island modern all white kitchen countertops

Conclusion Remark

Thank you for arriving until this line, by now you would uncover the five secrets to the kitchen design for your home. If you have any feedback or comment, please leave the comments in the box below.

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