kitchen cabinets for studio apartments

mini kitchen in a small space

Happy new year. It is the first day of 2018, finally. I wish you a great year ahead for you and love ones. Now, let’s delve into today’s topic on how you can can create small kitchen cabinets for studio apartments. When space is limited, it is difficult to have a kitchen where you can indulge, but not impossible. In this post, I will explain how to set up a kitchenette in your studio.

mini kitchen in a small space

You may be dreaming of an american dream of a big luxury house with large garage,. However, not everyone would live that dream, sadly. Instead, you could be living in a tiny studio in a city center. The advantages are many, because you have everything at your fingertips, the apartment store, the supermarket, the disco and the school. However, you have to put up with the mini living space. Since you are a good cook and you like to have guests, you do not want to give up a proper kitchen, but how to assemble it in an apartment of only 45 square meters? Here we give you the solution, thanks to a post by this Italian style blogger.

beautiful kitchen cupboards for small spaces

The best kitchen ideas for small space is…

According to Garcia from,  for small space like a studio apartment, an excellent kitchen would be the one as shown in the above photo i.e. this all in one kitchen is configured in a small wardrobe like cabinet. Your guest would have to guest when they first enter your apartment.

Garcia explained: “These are kitchens inside cabinets, fully equipped, in an area less than two meters by about 65 cm”. Of course, like any kitchen, no matter how small, it needs water, sewage and electricity. In particular, the following is necessary:

  • socket for the fridge
  • socket for the induction plate
  • microwave socket
  • High sockets to connect appliances
  • hot water outlet
  • cold water outlet
  • used water outlet

wardrobe like kitchennet set for studio apartment

Where to place mini kitchenette in the studio room?

The ideal is to put it in one of the walls that separate the bathroom from the rest of the room, since the drain pipe will be near the bathroom, so the connection will certainly be possible. If for optimal distribution it is not possible to locate it in any of the walls mentioned above, it is possible to use a ‘Sanitrit‘ type system in which the waste water can be drained through small diameter pipes at any point in the dwelling. The disadvantage of this system is the noise generated whenever it is necessary to increase the power of the water.

kitchenette for small space

Cost of kitchen cabinet installed for studio

This all in one unit kitchenette set is very functional. But then what is the price of these kitchens installed for a small space studio? Well, it depends on the model, the finish, the color and the dimensions, but please factor in at a minimum budget o 6,000 euros (around 8,000 USD).

kitchen cabinets for small space

kitchen cupboards for small spaces

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