4 Easy Steps to renovate your own kitchen on DIY style

Follow these four easy steps in order to DIY for your next kitchen renovation

kitchen remodeling ideas pictures

As mentioned in this post, certain exterior renovations will add value to your home considerably. Depending on the type of projects you undertake, it may not be a good ROI for home improvement project. Alternatively, you should also think about these easy kitchen makeover ideas. In fact, the kitchen is often seen as the heart of the home. It is where some of the best family experiences happen and the place people tend to congregate during gatherings.

This is why it is so important to have a kitchen that you feel comfortable in. However with the average cost of a kitchen renovation currently sitting at $17,000 this is an expensive option that not everyone can afford. Fortunately it is possible to undertake a kitchen renovation yourself!

small kitchen remodels before and after
small kitchen remodels before and after photo of an australian home

Customizing the cupboards

The first thing to understand is that you need to plan ahead on how you would like to see your kitchen. Go to pinterest and be inspired with these kitchen design ideas. One unique way, I recently found is to have a local kitchen joinery firm custom build the cupboards for me. While it could be a costly affair, the custom made wooden cupboards by joinery firm would last a very long time. Besides, this offers the advantage of cupboards that will fit exactly into the space you have available. You can also choose the finish and the arrangement of space inside each unit.

kitchen remodeling ideas pictures
kitchen remodeling ideas pictures – this is very classic black and white kitchen decor for tiny space

While this will cost more than purchasing kitchen units from a local store, you will save a great deal on fitting. Current estimates suggest fitting in Australia ,for example, is as much as $27.50 per square meter.

Designing Concept

The most important of completing a kitchen renovation yourself is to take your time planning the kitchen. If you have a large room this does not mean you need to fill it all! You need to consider what units you really need, where you would most like your sink, hob and oven to be. The rest of the kitchen should flow between these points and the refrigerator.

It is advisable to draw your design on paper, measuring accurately as you do so. You can then transfer it to a design program which many kitchen supplies firms will allow you to access. This will allow you to visualize the finished kitchen before you purchase anything!

tiny kitchen before and after photos
tiny kitchen before and after photos – as seen on apartment therapy

Preparing The Area

Once you have decided on your preferred design you’ll be able to get it ordered. It can take 6 – 8 weeks for your kitchen to be built and delivered and you won’t be able to do much until near the delivery date.

Once the units are with you it will be time to gut your current kitchen. This means removing all the cupboards and appliances to inspect the wall surfaces you are left with. It’s a good idea to put a few basic appliances in another room to allow you to cook some meals! You will then have the opportunity to repair any wall damage you find. You may also need to relocate plumbing and electrical fixtures. This is the best time to do this!

small kitchen remodeling ideas on a budget
small kitchen remodeling ideas on a budget – as seen on zillow

Fitting Your New Kitchen

Now that you have prepared the surfaces and have the electrical and water pipes where you need them you can slide your new cupboards into place. Don’t forget that they need to be secured to the walls. You’ll then need to add work surfaces to the tops of the cupboards. Don’t forget the hob and sink will need holes in your work surfaces; cut these out carefully with a template!

You can then add finishing touches and put all your items back into your new cupboards!

Final thought

How to renovate a kitchen yourself is a question asked by one reader. I hope the above four steps would help you to kick start on whether you would want to undertake the renovation project by yourself or to seek professional help.

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