3 exterior renovation that will improve value of your home you must know

Did you know that you can increase value of your house by renovate your exterior?

beautiful home improvement tips for Australian

I am a happy home owner since almost 10 years now. As my family grows, naturally I am considering selling my house for a bigger version. Naturally, before putting my house for sale, I am thinking of renovating it first. Like most of you, I am thinking of upgrading the kitchen or bathroom. In fact, these are the areas which traditionally add the most value to your home as reported by However, when I do more and more research, I’d like to share 3 ways to increase house value through outdoor renovation projects on budget i.e. without breaking your bank.

australia luxurious home driveway

Upgrading the Facade

If you stop for a moment and look at the outside of your home you might be surprised to see how tired it has become. A fresh coat of paint every 5 years is enough to keep your home looking okay. But, this doesn’t always deal with the cracking rendering and the general ‘shabby’ feel of your home.

Fortunately you can use a CGS facade system to cover your home in a wide variety of materials. These include PVC-U (Polyvinyl Chloride Un-plasticised), wood or even sheet metal; the choices are virtually unlimited.

before and after brick house exterior makeover australia
exterior house remodel before and after .via

The advantage of this approach is that it will transform the look of your home. Instantly it will appear like a well looked after and loved home. The added street appeal will make a significant difference to the value of your home. You’ll also find it requires much less maintenance than painting your property!

beautiful home improvement tips for Australian
best home improvements to increase value by upgrading the exterior of your home like in this Australian home makeover
beautiful australian home improvement tips
This is one of the best Australian house exterior facelift

Renovate your dirty Driveway

You probably pull into your driveway every night without a second thought. What you may not realize is that the driveway can make a huge difference to the value and appeal of your home. Instead of a tired, worn surface you should consider replacing it with a modern permeable surface. Not only is this environmentally friendly but it will be stunning to look at. In the same way that cladding adds appeal and value, so too will anew driveway.

Put simply this all shows a house that is well looked after and one that doesn’t need any work doing. This adds to the value.

driveway renovation project in Australia

Add an Extension

The third option is more expensive but can see the greatest increase in the value of your home. The type of extension you undertake will depend on the funds you have available and the space in your yard. Loft conversions are relatively straightforward, comparatively cheap and can provide two or three extra rooms in your home.

In contrast, adding an extension to the side or behind your home can be more costly due to the level of work doing. However, this could create the extra space you need to make it an excellent family home. Or, you could even create the perfect annex for aging relatives.

Final Thought

In additional to renovate the interior of your house, the above three ideas will certainly add value to your property.

While these methods can all add value, this will be limited to an extent by the neighborhood you live in. Your house will need to be in keeping with the style of home and affluence of your area. If it isn’t the increase value of your home can never be realized.

exterior facade upgrade in australia
The exterior renovations before and after . Beautiful exterior facade upgrade in Australia

And voila, my home improvement tips and ideas on how to find cheap ways to increase home value.

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