Which cladding is awesome for your australian home?

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Choosing the right wall cladding is extremely important. Not only is it the finishing touch to the overall design of your home, but it also serves to protect the house from the elements as well as enhance its energy-saving quality. With this in mind, we’ve singled out some of the most popular wall cladding options for you to take a look at and discover which one suits you the best. Good luck with the project!

Wood cladding

Wood cladding is one of the most popular options today. Many world-famous home designers find its retro feel to be absolutely fabulous and see it as a perfect contrast to predominantly contemporary house designs. Additionally, this kind of cladding is always the first choice for environmentally conscious individuals because it leaves a very low carbon footprint. On top of that, cedar cladding has shown to be an extremely effective insulator so it will definitely help you save a lot on your electricity bills. Moreover, there are a lot of different types of wood that you can choose from, so it’s impossible not to find the right shade and pattern that will suit your taste the best. However, when it comes to its downsides, one must know that wood cladding can be really high-maintenance and it requires regular painting.

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Metal cladding

Another great choice would definitely be metal cladding. The best thing is that it comes in many different nuances and textures, so one has a lot of space to experiment with different styles and come up with something completely unique. Even though it is usually used for office buildings, metal cladding can look equally amazing on residential properties as well and add an industrial quality to them. Additionally, you may choose between different metals, but composite aluminium panels are definitely one of the best solutions. Not only are they super easy to install, but they are extremely low-maintenance so you won’t need to worry about having to spend a fortune in order to keep them in good shape.

Stone wall cladding

Stone wall cladding is an equally popular choice for both interiors and exteriors of Australian homes. Some of the main reasons for this are its durability and the variety of designs. No matter whether you opt for dry stone or stack stones, you’ll definitely enhance the aesthetic appeal of your house and add a classic touch to its look. Moreover, stone cladding will bring a natural element to your house and help you turn it into your own haven for relaxation. Furthermore, if you’re in the process of house construction right now or you’re thinking about acquiring your own place of living, make sure to look into the amazing project homes in Sydney and hire professionals who will help you make the right decisions and build your dream home in no time.

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Brick cladding

Like stones, bricks come in different sizes, shapes, colours and designs, which is one of the reasons why so many people like to incorporate them into their home design. They are particularly great if you prefer a more traditional look and rustic style. However, keep in mind that bricks are a bit high-maintenance, especially if you live in a part of the world which is often hit by earthquakes and exposed to harsh elements. So, even though they are not expensive and can be easily installed, you need to be aware of all the work that they will require over time. After all, it’s better to skip the cladding completely than to let it look all run-down and shabby.

Mixed cladding

Last but not least, if you like a few different types of cladding so much that you simply can’t make up your mind, you should just relax and create your own mixture. For instance, you can use this cladding to mark different sections of your home. So, if you opt for a brighter wooden cladding for the ground floor, you can consider switching to a darker nuance on your upper floor or installing bricks instead. Additionally, you should remember that you’re the one in charge, so don’t shy away from thinking outside the box and experimenting with some unusual design ideas. After all, it’s essential that you add your personal touch and really love the final product of the construction works.

beautiful rich house in australia

As you can see, there are so many fantastic cladding options and all of them can significantly improve the appeal of your home. You just need to conduct thorough research and try to figure out which one is the best for your house. Lastly, don’t hesitate to contact experienced professionals for help as well since they have a lot of experience and will be able to give you great advice.


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