9 best designer rugs for your home

Want to know which rugs are good for you?

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Looking to add a touch of luxury to your interior design? Every stylish home should own one of these designer rugs to add a fashion-forward finish to the interior design.

Ted Baker

Drawing inspiration from far away places and exotic fabrics, all of the rugs in Ted Baker’s luxurious collection carry the level of attention to detail that consumers have come to expect from everything the designer produces. Weaving together Ted Baker’s trademark attention to detail with some uniquely bold print choices and jewel-toned colour schemes, these wall-to-wall pieces are practically dripping with opulence.

Calvin Klein

With Calvin Klein’s Home collection, you can bring the brand’s signature casual elegance into your soft furnishings and out of the wardrobe with one of the effortlessly chic rugs from the collection. Using meticulous crafting processes, Calvin Klein rugs are made from the finest materials and each one is a harmonious blend of comfort and style. These sophisticated, contemporary, and beautifully understated rugs are the ideal finishing touch if you’re looking to create a space that will be equal parts elegant and relaxing.

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Vivienne Westwood

Having joined forces with The Rug Company in 2005 to create this collection, Vivienne Westwood rugs feature the bold designs we have all come to expect from the designer, with plenty of quintessential nods to British heritage. These iconic rugs feature much-loved Vivienne Westwood prints like the Union Flag and her signature orb. Heavily playing on her love of Scotland, the collection also features tartan print and Scotland’s national emblem, the milk thistle.

Christian Lacroix

Renowned for his hodgepodge use of patterns, and influences ranging from historical clothing styles to Mediterranean colour and folklore, Christian Lacroix rugs feature catwalk-worthy designs that are sure to be a showstopper in any home. Taking the usual Lacroix approach to designing pieces that will tell memorable and unique stories, adding one of these rugs to your home will be sure to win you some style points.

Paul Smith

Nothing exudes contemporary British style more than Paul Smith’s instantly recognisable stripe print rugs. Like all of Paul Smith’s creations, this collection of handwoven rugs beautifully blends his love of tradition with a sense of humour that brings a modern edge to the whole collection. If you’re looking for a design rug to make a statement without looking too traditional, a Paul Smith rug will be the perfect addition to your home.

Alexander McQueen

The last designs to be signed off by the late Alexander McQueen, the designer’s collection of rugs were a rare departure for McQueen from the world of fashion and beauty. Capturing his love for high drama and a gothic sense of beauty, these rugs are works of art in their own right – especially the breathtaking hummingbird wall hanging.

Giles Deacon

Known for his quirky yet glamorous designs, when Giles Deacon turned his hand to designing rugs the results were always going to be playful and fashionable. Using his superior craftsmanship and penchant for whimsical designs, Deacon has created a collection of rugs that will lift your home out of the ordinary and bring it into the extraordinary. Choosing an unusual theme for his rugs, harsh metals are subverted and softened by the use of luxurious wool and silk threads. These rugs have been designed to be accessible for a wide range of homeowners, adding a cool finish to anything from a Georgian property to a contemporary apartment.

simply best rug

Elie Saab

Moving away from his bridal couture roots, Elie Saab has created modern rug designs that draw on his love of architecture and interiors, heavily featuring themes such as foliage, florals, and abstraction. The overall aesthetic of these handwoven rugs combines Saab’s signature elements of style, seamlessly fusing together femininity, modernity, and luxury.

Suzanne Sharp

Suzanne Sharp is a name that has become synonymous with impeccable rug design. An artistic mastermind, her skill with colour and pattern in unmatched when it comes to rugs.

Sharp’s modern aesthetic is influenced by her travels, along with the world of architecture, fashion, and art. Her ability to create covetable and distinctive rug collections has led to many of her designs now being considered design classics. So if you’re after a well-designed rug, rather than a rug by a designer, a Suzanne Sharp rug should be your first choice.

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