5 ideas for small living room furniture arrangement [photos]

small living room furniture arrangment for studio apartment

A beautiful house is not just a view from outside but also a design from an inside. It is imperative to decorate your interior of the house nicely with quality products. These items are not necessary expensive by nature but the most important part is its arrangement. That is why in this post, I am going to share with you five ideas (well, 5 photos) of a great arrangement of the furniture inside your living room. Enjoy.

Simple double sofa with coffee table and a TV stand

This is a simple furniture arrangement for my home. I have a two seater sofa, a coffee table, an area rug and a TV stand. I arrange it as per the photo shown below. Very simple and no frill.

small living room furniture arrangement with a double seat sofa
For a small living room, I would suggest to have just a double seater sofa, with an area rug, TV stand and coffee table. A standing lamp is a plus. You can arrange these furniture in the configuration as shown in this photo.

Small living room arrangement without TV

If you do not have any TV, try arrange your sofa and comfortable chair in a U shape arrangement, like below. This gives a sense of harmony for those seating around the coffee table for a sweet evening talk.

small living room without TV furniture arrangement
Orange wall with large photo frame as a d├ęcor item. Arrange the sofa in a U shape to give a zen feeling of this small recreation room.

Add an indoor plant to the tiny space can give lively feeling

How about adding a living indoor plant to your tiny room? This gives a sense of lively space. To counter the small space, remove any large sofa. Instead add a single seated comfortable chair for a living room. See model idea below for what I mean.

contemporary small living room furniture arrangement ideas

Place your L sofa to the corner of the room

If you have a L shaped sofa, I recommend you place them to the corner of your tiny living room. This will give enough space for the side table. Remember to place an area rug to balance and unify these living room furniture together.

corner sofa arrangement for small living room
Place the L shape sofa to the corner of the room. Then place a round side table with flower in the vase. Finally add an area rug to unify all these furniture together to give a sense of harmony in such a tiny space,

Studio Apartment living room furniture placement

As we know, studio apartment is very small. Most of the time, the kitchen, the living room and the bedroom are collocated without any separation. Therefore, it is really important to arrange the furniture nicely to keep harmony in the living room. See photo below for idea how you can arrange your studio apartment furniture.

small living room furniture arrangment for studio apartment
Beautifully arranged studio apartment with a sofa, a side table, a single bed and industrial rack. Small space living room. For small space, a round couch is also a good idea.

That is all for now. If you have enjoy these 5 ideas, I hope you can share this post via social media by clicking in the button at the end of this page.

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  1. Great ideas for furniture arrangement in living rooms! Maintaining and arranging furniture in proper manner is must part and it will add elegance and grace to living room. I implemented all the ideas suggested in the article to make my living room unique. Thanks for sharing.

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