Upright piano placement in living room

traditional upright piano placement in a classic home

I just bought a Yamaha SG2 silent upright piano for my little boy who had started his piano lesson about a month a go. This upright piano costs me over 7,000 USD and hence it is a heavy investment for which I need to find a suitable location to put it. Since I am placing the piano on my ground floor, I enjoy a free delivery. However, I need to make space from my 65 square meter ground floor for this upright piano which measure almost 1.5 meter in width. As such, I turned to the internet for some ideas on how to place my boy’s precious first piano.

What is upright piano, anyway?

An upright piano is a lesser expensive as compared to the grand piano. It is a real acoustic piano which is recommended by piano teacher. In fact, his tutor refuses to teach him if I buy or rent an electric piano instead. This statement was concurred by my other friend who said indeed that the acoustic piano is better in term or the tone, sound and touchy feeling as compared to the digital piano.

upright piano SG2 yamaha silent mode

So in short, an upright piano, besides its reasonably cheaper than the grand version, takes lesser space. For that reason, I decided to buy my boy this type instead.

Placement of upright piano in a living room

If you have a small space like my living room, then the following ideas may help you in placing your upright piano. check them out…

wooden upright piano placement behind sofa in a livingroom
Did you notice the wooden piano right behind the sofa? Yes, that is right, it is sitting right there in this small living room.
ideal placement of an acoustic upright piano in a corner of a living room
An ideal placement of an acoustic upright piano in a corner of a living room. What you should not do is to put that flower pot on top of the piano. This is to avoid any unforseen accident which can destroy your upright piano in seconds.
traditional upright piano placement in a classic home
Classical home with one traditional upright piano neatly placed next to the wall.

classical upright piano placement near to the hallway

cozy livingroom with upright piano decor cute blue piano placement in a living room

Upright piano MUST NOT placed:

You shall avoid at all cost placing your upright piano in direct sunlight, even for a short period of time. This is because extended and repeated exposure to sunlight will dry the soundboard prematurely and would make your piano’s finish to fade quickly. In other words, placing your upright piano in this matter is a costly mistake which could destroy your piano earlier than its age.

bad placement of upright piano next to window and expose to sunlight
This is an example of bad placement of an upright piano. This musical instrument is placed right next to the window and is exposed to direct sunlight, albeit the shade from the curtain, the sunlight will make the soundboard dry faster and hence could prematurely destroy your piano. Highly not recommended!

Conclusion Remark on Upright Piano Placement in a room

As you have invested heavily in this acoustic musical instrument, it is important to well taken care of it. Do not just place it anywhere you please as it could ruin your piano earlier than it should be. So the ideal place is somewhere next to the wall but not near to the fireplace and window.

Good luck!


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