8 plants for landscaping with evergreens and shrubs

frost lavender in backyard garden evergreen shrub

Despite the changes in season, the evergreen shrub will not shed its leave. Evergreen plants are ideal for lazy homeowner. I would declare myself, a lazy homeowner because I hardly do any lawn mowing or tailoring my hedge. Instead, I had on yearly basis a gardener who would come by and do the jobs for me. Oh well, it costs me in the range of 500$ just for that. Hence, instead of focusing on doing the garden, I can concentrate on writing the blog instead.


What are evergreen plants?

Different to the deciduous plants, the evergreen plants do not lose their leaves despite the hash weather condition. The evergreen shrubs continue to have green leaves throughout the year.

the evergreens leaves

Dwarf English Boxwood

The true dwarf English boxwood is a very versatile evergreen shrub. It can be combined with almost any other type of flower plant in order to create a perfect all year round plant in your garden. Most people, if not all, actually use the boxwood as a low growing evergreen shrubs for borders. They are ideal since trimming them is a piece of cake. You can also use your creative mind to decorate your border to the design as you see fit.

boxwood true dwarf in a tiny garden
A boxwood true dwarf shrub in a tiny front yard garden

boxwood true dwarf

boxwood as border
the dwarf English boxwood as border helps to prevent young children and animals to invade your space.

The boxwood requires little water and hence easy to maintain. You can also buy it on amazon cheaply.

Prague viburnum

The prague viburnum attracts bird and butterfly. They make a perfect privacy wall between neighbour. Well, this viburnum is ideal for a milder weather i.e. your soil shall not be frozen all the time. In all case, their root will continue to develop and hence perfect for spring and summer.

a large prague viburnum tree in my backyard prague viburnum shrub in a small backyard

Daphne plants hedge

Daphne plants hedge garden decor
two years old daphne eternal fragrance with white flowers. As you can see from this Daphne hedge, it takes very long to grow it to this height.
daphne hedge over an edge with maple tree
A small garden with crimson queen maple tree with daphne hedge in the front.

Growing daphne plants in your garden is ideal for winter. As you can see from the photos below (via hedge experiment), daphne plant is ideal for a neat hedge during winter. You will also notice from the photos of daphne plants here that the eternal Fragrance’ has a white flower while the spring Pink Eternal Fragrance has pink flower.
Daphne eternal fragrance white flower as hedge

Where to buy Daphne Eternal Fragrant plant?

growing daphne in containers
Did you know that you can actually grow the daphne in a container? Indeed, see this Daphne picture where it is grown in a pot.

I suggest you take a look at Amazon (click this link to buy) to get one Fragrant and Long Blooming in a 2.5″ Pot.

Lavender as evergreen shrub

I love lavender. These purple flower are so beautiful. Originally from Mediterranean area, lavender can survive mild winter and hence it is considered as an evergreen. At time, it also can be grown in a pot and the best advise is to use the terra-cotta pot if you plan to grow this evergreen purple flower indoor.

frost lavender in backyard garden evergreen shrub

Looking for potted lavender plants for sale ? Click here to buy it from Amazon.

lavender in pots in my kitchen
Beautiful lavender in pots in my kitchen

The good thing about growing lavender in pots is that you can move it out of too harsh condition. You can take care of lavender flower by sparing water it. Make sure the water is dried up before next watering the plant. This purple flower needs lot of sun and hence although it is an evergreen, without proper case, most lavender wont last strong winter.

Silver Whispers Swiss Stone Pine

dwarf suisse silver whisper pine tree in front yard

If you ever visit Swiss alps, you would know what a pine tree is. They are tall, strong and evergreen. Now, you can buy the swiss stone pine for your home garden. I highly suggest the dwarf swiss stone pine so that it will not grow as tall and for easy maintenance. In fact depending on how you like to arrange your evergreen garden, the pine tree can be left alone to grow slowly by itself i.e. you do not need to trim them every season. The pinus Cembra, other name for silver whispers swiss stone pine can reach to 40 feet tall and 20 feet wide. So now, you asked me where can you find swiss stone pine for sale? Just click on the button below to buy this evergreen plant on amazon at ease.

Combination of dwarf Suisse pines in front yard
Combination of dwarf Suisse pines in front yard
silver whisper suisse stone pine tree for backyard
green silver whisper Suisse stone pine tree in a backyard

swiss pine tree as hedge wall

Crimson queen Japanese maple

large bloodgood maple tree for camoufrage the front yard
A large maple tree with a bloody leaves. Ideal to camouflage the front window.

crimson queen maple tree dwarf

I witness the beautiful crimson queen maple tree through my neighbor who had plant this Asian maple tree several years a go. Despite the long time since planted, the tree does not growth pass three feets and its brownish and reddish color  sits beautifully between the other greenly plant. In fact, this tree is ideal for a small space landscaping design (see japanese garden for small space here) . Shall you look for this japanese maple for sale, click below to buy directly from the comfort of your home.

Did you know? The crimson queen maple tree changes the color of its leaves through four phases. The first, right out of spring, it has a bright reddish purple color. The second, its color is darker red at later spring. The third phase happens during summer month and you would expect to see green color. Final phase takes place during fall where it turns back to reddish color.

crimson queen japanese maple green leaves
crimson queen japanese maple tree during summer month. Guess what? It is super green during hot weather especially when it receives lots of direct sunlight.


dwarf japanese maple tree in the front yard
Beautiful purple reddish dwarf Japanese maple tree combined with other foliage in the front yard of a luxurious mansion

Photinia fraseri

This photinia fraseri is a medium size evergreen shrub ideal for hedge or screen. In fact the red tip photinia fraseri made up all my backyard’s hedge. They are super easy to maintain and I only prune it once a year just before winter. It is necessary to trim these fast growing leaves to allow sufficient sun light to penetrate the inner trunk and leaves. This would rejuvenate the shrub and encourage a healthy plant. By the way, be careful of the fungus that causes the red tips leave to have spot all over. This fungus is called ” Entomosporium mespili”. One thing I know to fight against this fungus is to remove the fallen death leaves regularly and to cut away the affected leaves (those with spots on the leaves tips). This helps the fungus from spreading further.

red tip photinia hedge
Red Tip Photinia hedge is a great plant to create a screen and protect your privacy from your neighbour. This is a fast growing evergreen plant and easy to maintain.
healthy leaves of red tip photinia
A closeup picture of healthy leaves of a red tip photinia tree


Chinese Evergreen

Unlike what you have viewed so far, the Chinese evergreen is a plant in a pot. It is a tropical foliage requiring a least maintenance. It does not need so much sunlight and even a notice gardener can deem like an expert. Impress your visitor by acquiring this cheap evergreen plant through the button below.

chinese evergreen for indoor houseplant
The chinese evergreen is a great tropical foliage for indoor decoration.

Conclusion remark on evergreen landscaping

The choice of which evergreen plant and shrub to use for your landscaping design depends pretty much on your desired outcome. Are you looking for privacy more than beauty? then try the large swiss pine tree which could grow very tall and help to camouflage your backyard from the nosey neighbour. On the other hand, shall you need something that are colourful throughout the year, I highly suggest the low maintenance shrub such as the Japanese maple tree or the lavender. Whichever you choose, there are always evergreen shrub that you can purchase to enhance the beauty of your landscape.

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