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Upright piano placement in living room

traditional upright piano placement in a classic home

I just bought a Yamaha SG2 silent upright piano for my little boy who had started his piano lesson about a month a go. This upright piano costs me over 7,000 USD and hence it is a heavy investment for which I need to find a suitable location to put it. Since I am placing […]

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5 ideas for small living room furniture arrangement [photos]

small living room furniture arrangment for studio apartment

A beautiful house is not just a view from outside but also a design from an inside. It is imperative to decorate your interior of the house nicely with quality products. These items are not necessary expensive by nature but the most important part is its arrangement. That is why in this post, I am […]

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Energy-Saving Laundry Tips

Buying an energy-efficient washer and dryer is one way to create a more sustainable laundry room, but when it comes to actually doing a load of laundry, you might be. Wash Clothes in Cold Water Washing a load of laundry in warm water requires a substantial amount of energy, and that is just to heat […]

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which washing machine and dryer are right for me?

Even though the kitchen is laden with power-hungry appliances, it is usually laundry room that is typically responsible for the largest consumption of energy in the home. No other household activity consumes more energy and water than doing a load of laundry. Therefore, when someone wants to be greener at home, the laundry room is […]

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Parnassus Residence: Inspired Decorating Living Room

decorating living room

An old residence in San Francisco has been totally rebuilt to accommodate the need of the young family of six. Its beautiful masquerade has been maintained, refined, and delicately restored. The interiors were designed to provide a clean, light, and ethereal credentials to an abounding colors and textures of the owner’s furnishing, art, and textiles. The interior formulation has been reorganized around the executive straight step element, featuring a wall of potion that floods all floors with light. The pattern of a space gives we a feeling that each component or square of seat has been delicately chosen, formulating a change that feels good and looks good.

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Ideal Leisure Space at Home for a Minimum of Six Seated Individuals

Ideal Leisure Space at Home

Ideal Leisure Space at HomeWe use many terms describe leisure space: a space where people gather to interact and take part in various forms of entertainment, from reading to computer work/games and television viewing. Let’s say, Living room, gathering room, great room, or family room. But currently, a formal living room—“where no one ever goes”—is no longer desired. Instead, a great room or gathering room where all family members can gather and take part in a range of activities is preferable. Similarly, formal dining rooms are not favored by some current homeowners because these people often prefer a more casual eating area that is open or partially open to the kitchen, forming a cooking, eating, and entertainment area.

Spaces that are specifically meant to support conversation require seating and/or furniture that can accommodate a certain number of people, arranged at appropriate distances for speaking and discussion. In addition, such spaces, as well as all others used for leisure activities, require adequate circulation. In addition to furniture placement supportive of interaction and appropriate circulation, many leisure spaces are designed in relation to some focal point. A fireplace or wood stove; window(s); or views of adjoining spaces, television, or artwork may become focal points and therefore major influencing factors on the design of the space and the layout of furnishings.

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