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    Energy-Saving Laundry Tips

    Buying an energy-efficient washer and dryer is one way to create a more sustainable laundry room, but when it comes to actually doing a load of laundry, you might be. Wash Clothes in Cold Water Washing a load of laundry in warm water requires a substantial amount of energy, and that is just to heat […] More

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    which washing machine and dryer are right for me?

    Even though the kitchen is laden with power-hungry appliances, it is usually laundry room that is typically responsible for the largest consumption of energy in the home. No other household activity consumes more energy and water than doing a load of laundry. Therefore, when someone wants to be greener at home, the laundry room is […] More

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    Living Room Decorative Design and Use Shelves

    The living room is the place where most of the German and plentiful staying. Here he creates his own empire, sets up and makes it really comfortable. According flexible and, despite all the design features, the whole thing must be clear. It can be no slouch, constantly creates the modern technological approach and flirts openly […] More

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    Parnassus Residence: Inspired Decorating Living Room

    An old residence in San Francisco has been totally rebuilt to accommodate the need of the young family of six. Its beautiful masquerade has been maintained, refined, and delicately restored. The interiors were designed to provide a clean, light, and ethereal credentials to an abounding colors and textures of the owner’s furnishing, art, and textiles. […] More

  • Ideal Leisure Space at Home

    Ideal Leisure Space at Home for a Minimum of Six Seated Individuals

    We use many terms describe leisure space: a space where people gather to interact and take part in various forms of entertainment, from reading to computer work/games and television viewing. Let’s say, Living room, gathering room, great room, or family room. But currently, a formal living room—“where no one ever goes”—is no longer desired. Instead, […] More

  • Modern White Cottage in Stockholm
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    Pure White Scandinavian Cottage in Stockholm

    This 110 square meters Swedish cottage displays nothing but stylish clean interior design with minimalist arrangements in its four rooms. The core of this cottage is the living room area with a welcoming rustic fireplace, white-pigmented oak floors and all-in-white walls. Several large windows can be found in almost every corner and these make the […] More

  • Tubular Skylight

    Saving Energy through Green Building

    Do you want to provide a safe, healthy place for your children to grow up? Do you concern about rising energy costs? Green home might be a best solution for you. Recently, building a green home is about doing our part to protect the environment, helping to make the world a better place for our […] More