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    Home Office Ideas To Work From Home

      Utilize the cozy corner of the house to set up your home office A cozy corner is a great home office idea as it allows you to relax and work at the same time. You can make sure that while setting up your home office, you have windows that have a great view. Sceneries […] More

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    6 must know before designing any working office

    Designing a new office layout isn’t exactly a piece of cake. Lots of issues come in to the equation; like whether or not you’ll opt to refurbish your existing premises or switch to a new-build apartment office and start the design process from scratch, for instance. Also, which would your staff prefer, and clients be […] More

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    Metis Desk by Gonçalo Campos Studio for WeWood

    Let me start off by introducing Gonçalo Campos. Gonçalo is a young designer from Portugal. He has graduated from a University in 2008 and joined FABRICA for a while. Right now, he is working on his own designing products for well known companies such as Polit, WeWood, blackcork and Burel. Gonçalo also appears in several […] More

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    AOL’s Headquarters Offices in Palo Alto in 2017

    AoL is quite a large companies who had acquired a number of companies around the globe. To name a few, AoL’s names include Huffington Post and TechCrunch. While AoL is well known in America, the company does not really have a widespread phenomenon in Asia. Nevertheless, besides their online culture, AoL also invested in office […] More