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beautiful blue office redesign

Designing a new office layout isn’t exactly a piece of cake. Lots of issues come in to the equation; like whether or not you’ll opt to refurbish your existing premises or switch to a new-build apartment office and start the design process from scratch, for instance. Also, which would your staff prefer, and clients be more impressed with?

Will your new office redesign be smart and trendy enough to attract the attention of millennial and the young tech-smart crowd to the extent they’d want to work there? And how about your existing color scheme? If you change that, then it may be time to update your logo and brand strategy too.

Why its so crucial to get an office redesign right first time is because second chances can be extremely costly – not just in materials but the disruption to your company’s work output too. So, what are the main things to consider when going away with an office redesign? Well, here’s what we would prioritize here at

opus 4 office redesign

Office Layout

Think about placement of furniture and staff in order to maximize your office space. This new office layout could provide the opportunity you’ve been looking for to embark on a restructure. Getting staff to work a couple of days a week from home and introducing hot-desking, including introducing standing desks, could mean happier workers and less physical space for you to have to invest in. Or, make the space you gain into a breakout room, conference area etc.

Company Branding

Your redesign should reflect and incorporate your company culture, visions and values – to the extent all your marketing materials, including your website are all in sync.

Color scheme

You could also use the office redesign as an opportunity to revamp your branding, including your logo. When it comes to choosing a color scheme, think carefully. Most of us are aware that certain shades can affect our mood. Colors such as blue is a stimulating color, for instance, while green can be calming (so good for break-out areas) and bright pops of color such as orange, yellow and red are excellent for zoning.

beautiful blue office redesign

Technology for office

Now would be an excellent time to rethink your IT infrastructure in terms of moving over to cloud technology. Not only would this make the office look neater because there would be less physical computing equipment around, but it means that your staff would have an easier time of it when working from home or out on location. This too could potentially be a big space saver. While we’re on the subject, remember put plenty of power points around.


Not only will being a sustainable company impress clients – and probably most of your staff too, but you may even be able to benefit from government grants. By sustainable we mean only printing on paper when necessary, using LED lighting and solar technology where possible (meaning you could receive a financial kickback by selling energy back to the grid).

Another’ nice’ green choice – and one which definitely benefits staff well-being – is to introduce plants into the office. Not only will this make the office look and feel better, but it should also make workers feel more relaxed.

office redesign by opus4


A refit can definitely be disruptive but there are ways to mitigate its effects. For instance you could think about rerouting calls to a mobile, overlapping the IT migration process and giving staff regular updates.

Get more help and advice on embarking on an office refit at our website Or, get in touch on 0161 402 3340 for a free consultation from our expert team today.

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