Metis Desk by Gonçalo Campos Studio for WeWood

wewood metis desk overall look and feel

Let me start off by introducing Gonçalo Campos. Gonçalo is a young designer from Portugal. He has graduated from a University in 2008 and joined FABRICA for a while. Right now, he is working on his own designing products for well known companies such as Polit, WeWood, blackcork and Burel. Gonçalo also appears in several impressive designer magazine such as Vogue in 2016 for instance.

Now that I have introduced the main designer behind this post, let me show you the latest Goncalo Campos Project nickname Metis Desk. Metis is an impressive functional working desk designed by him for WeWood. In fact, WeWood wants a very simple working desk with one criterion: plenty of storage. Their demand is truly meet the requirement by many officer worker.

Metis Desk’s concept sketch

Working as designing require lots of sketching and drawing. Below is one such initial drawing leading up to the real wood work.

Metis Desk initial sketch and drawing for wewood furniture company


Metis office desk detailed photos

Do enjoy some cool and detailed photos of this Metis office desk that are on sale in

detail view of walnut metis desk from portugal Metis Desk Open compartment Metis in walnut wooden color view from top wewood metis desk overall look and feel

According to WeWood, Metis office desk provides the ultimate storage solution that keep your workspace tidy with its three drawer, one secret compartment and two lidded sections. This office desk is made from solid wood and is available in oak and walnut.

metis office desk with apple laptop and a magazin in a drawer
Sleek Metis office desk designed for WeWood furniture shop Portugal

Work in Progress Metis office desk

Enjoy these last three photos from this Portuguese product designer on his Metis desk:

Metis Desk work in progress work in progress metis desk 80 percent completed work in progress METIS desk without the top wooden plank



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