Geo Table by Gonçalo Campos



GEO Table Round Details

Geo is a table that reminds us of where materials come from. In this table the stone top is left unfinished underneath. This evokes the state in witch the stone is found naturally. All too often we use materials and shape them at will never respecting their origin and in some cases never even imagining them in Nature. Stone is typically a material that when seen as an object, is very far from it’s natural form, usually seen as polished planes that have no resemblance to how they are found in nature. This can be seen as a great feat of man, able to shape its surrounding at will, but also as a very cold and disrespectful use of natural materials. Geo table pays reference to both aspects of human behaviour towards nature, keeping one surface flat and functional, while the other is left free and wild.

Because the bottom part of the stone slab is left raw, besides this strong and appealing concept, the table will be easier to produce, with less chemicals and fisical process involved in its production. This makes Geo a smart union between a sound concept and an efficient product.


GEO Table Square Details

Source : Geo Table

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