Classic 1970 Italian Chest

a classic way to equip one’s house

1970 italian commode for sale in Austria

As you know by now, homelilys usually posts solid wood type of furniture. That is because i like solid wood. In fact, i only started to like solid wood furniture when I am almost 30 years old. On the other hand, when i was younger age, i remember vividly that I hate those hard surface sofa at my grandma’s place! fast forward several years later, my love for solid wood grew. For example one of my favorite is this antique wooden drawer and this 19th century Russian table.

1970 Italian Commode

So I found this 1970 Italian commode on sale on Facebook Marketplace. It is one of my hobby to check out the marketplace as they offer some interesting antique for sales from time to time. If you are lucky, you could get goal mine, so check it out.

Without further ado, please check this classic italian commode made in 1970 with solid wood. It has drawers too.

1970 italian commode for sale in Austria
This is a 1970 Italian Chest with beautiful solid wood with detailed design.
side look of 1970 italian chest

Two night dressers are sold separately

This two italian night stand are sold separately but they are of the same design as other wooden chest shown in this post. Equally, these are so beautiful night stand isn’t it?

Inside the drawer is yet another detailed decoration. Still very classic!
It has smaller drawer inside this italian classic commode
There are 4 drawers inside this wooden italian chest. A perfect gift for newly wedded couple

This is the end of today’s post. Just a recap, Facebook Marketplace is a good place to find interesting antique. Whether you like antique or want to make some money, try it out and be patient as you may hit gold mind any time.

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