Hush chair by freyja sewell for sale

Hust felt pod a perfect getaway from noisy open space environment

Freyja sewell biography

Before showing the Hush pod by Freyja Sewell, let’s start to understand who she really is. While I do not know when was Freyja born, she is still a very young and talented designer. Some famous companies she had worked are Fatboy , The London Design Museum and Selfridges. She is a big fan of sustainable development. She works with materials that are natural or biodegradable in her product development. Her long term aim is to reduce consumption by making sustainable, long-lasting products which are available on the mass market.

freyja sewell biography
Freyja Sewell was a student at Brighton University where she graduated in 2011. And did you know that Freyja went to Nagoya University of Arts after wining a prestigious scholarship? Oh yea, she did it! Now, after spending 2 years working in Japan, she has return to London.

Hush pod – Get away pod in noisy open space environment

Several days back, I had published a post on a Geneva Strategic Heritage Plan, where the United Nations plans to spend million of dollars to upgrade and update their working environment. Among the design is the open space concept. I wonder if the engineer or the architect has thought of these Hush Pod for their UN employees?

Hust felt pod a perfect getaway from noisy open space environment
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The Hush felt pod by freyja Sewell is soft,┬ábiodegradable and importantly very warm. A cozy pod for winter. Hush Chair by Freyja is in full development by Ness Furniture. It can be used as a pod or can turn into the chair – see photo above. Magically, you can transform the HUSH chair into a private sleeping or working area, so that no one can disturb you.

Freyja sewell Hush Pod
Hush by Freyja can be used in two mode: A chair or a seclude Pod for private space.

Hush felt pod as a working space


Hush felt pod logo on the recycled material
Hush felt pod is made entirely from biodegradable compressed wool. Freyja is a strong believer in sustainable development.

Did you know? The outer shell of the HUSH is made from a single piece of industrial wool felt. Its internal padding is made from recycled wool fibers discarded by carpet manufacturers.

Conclusion Remark

While Hush seating pod is ideal for an office space, I find it a perfect fit for my private home as well. In fact, it is ideal for a hide and seek game with my boys! Don’t you think so?

So where to buy? Indeed, this post is about hush escape pod by freyja sewell for sale. Hence naturally, you would want to buy. So well, the answer is that you can head to to buy one of these pods for your usage. Well, one of these escape pod costs you 2,700 pound at the current market rate.


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