floral sofa and loveseat by Linea Italia

beautiful italian floral sofas

floral italian sofaThis is a really beautiful loveseat with floral accent designed by Linea Italia. For your background, this post has been published on homelily decor on July 5th 2011. Since then I have left it untouched until several days back when I published a post on Bari Sofa that I noticed this loveseat sofa post re-appeared in the related article. That is why I am reactivate this post again to add more beautiful photos of italian Linea’s sofas.

About Linea Italia

First, let’s find out more about Linea Italia. The company was found in 1991 by an engineer who noticed a gap in furniture market. The company then started to sell the patent-pending i-Assembly┬« technology throughout America and Canada. Click here to find out more.

beautiful italian floral sofas

So Linea Italia produces these stylized floral upholstered sofas as proof that modern furniture doesn’t have to be minimalist. Instead, it has to be colorful through these floral patterns that will look great in today’s modern homes. Unlike the usual traditional upholstered sofa designs, the Linea Italia’s floral loveseat sofa will impress your guest immediately once they see them

floral sofa and loveseat

Let’s find out more on the loveseat and floral sofa in these photo below. As you may have noticed, the Linea Italia presents several designs that you can choose from. Each of them has its own style and character. ‘Forum’ delivers a cheerful classic modern style, while ‘Kube’ performs whimsical ultra-modern design which fits anywhere you put it. And, when you look for something suitable to your white, light gray or light blue background, you can find it in ‘Feeling’ that gives you a romantic style sofa.

linea italia floral flower
floral sofa and loveseat in a modern home

modern floral upholstered sofas by linea italiafloral loveseat sofa in a classic home design

loveseat with floral design sofa

Conclusion Remark

The floral sofa and loveseat are not just modern but romantic. The sofas are ideal for couple in any modern or classic home. Be inspired…

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