5 best photos of strategic heritage plan for the palais des nations Geneva, Switzerland

night view of the new capital master plan in United Nations Office at Geneva Switzerland

Strategic Heritage Plan or SHP is a renovation project undertaken by United Nations Office at Geneva. Similar to the Capital Master Plan at the UN office in New York, this SHP intends to renovate the existing UN in Geneva to be more energy efficiency while adding more office space to the UN staff.

There are two phases to the project. The first is the conceptual phase while the second phase is the building phase. It is expected the project itself will be completed by 2023.

These 5 photos below are taken from the Swiss Architecture firm named: Burckhardt+Partner AG. It was the one submission that win the competition of the internal bidding exercise. Enjoy these exclusive photos of the earlier day of the SHP of UN at Switzerland.

Photo of new UNOG in 2023 (as per Buckhardt and Partner AG)

artist impression of Strategic heritage plan of the UN in Switzerland
Impressive overview of the new Strategic Heritage Plan of the UN in Switzerland overlooking the jet d’eau of Geneva
artist impression of the new SHP of UN at Geneva
An open roof top of the new UN at Geneva – a Concept by Burckhardt+Partner and SOM for 2023 UN building in Switzerland
inside view of green garden on top of the new SHP building in UNOG
Garden top of the new SHP building at UNOG in 2023 – a new durable and green initiative with less energy consumption for a better UN.


night view of the new capital master plan in United Nations Office at Geneva Switzerland
Amazing view of the UNOG at night after the completion of SHP project in 2023. The design is won by Burckhardt+Partner and Som

How the complete UN in Switzerland will look like in 2013

The new building of the SHP on a hill in the current UN compound
The new Building is shown here to the right of the Building E. It is situated on a small hill and the building will be constructed on that hill without destroying the hill itself. Source:

complete UNOG compound in 2023 after the SHP

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