7 Best Vintage letter holder wall mount for your home

rustic heartshape vintage mail holder for wall

I’ve never had any letter holders for my house. I used to keep those letters just on my tables or kitchen counter. This was changed when my uncle came to visit me in winter 2016. At that time after his return from a flea market, he has bought for me a vintage key holder with a letter holder functionality. It has a duck design and serves as key holder as well as letter holder. It was made from a rustic metal but has a hook behind which made it easy for wall mounted. Right now, I am so satisfied with my letter holder that I no longer look back.

With that story in mind, I highly recommend to all house owner to invest a few bucks on those vintage items (or with more money, invest in a timeless antique letter holder). It will not only make your house warm, it helps to organize those incoming mails and be clutter free.

In this blog post, I am going to share with you 7 best vintage or antique letter holder wall mount that you should consider buying for your home.

Rustic antique wood mail rack with key holder

As seen on etsy, this antique piece is home made from a rustic rake with old wooden piece. A great letter holder for any classic home.

Antique mail holder from rustic wood with key holder
Antique mail holder from rustic wood and rake with key holder

1920s vintage metal mail holder for wall mount

This piece is considered to be very vintage metal mail holder. It has been painted several time but it still has its old smell to it. As seen on etsy.

rustic metal from 1920 vintage mail holder
A 1920s vintage piece of metal letter holder with wall mount capability

Antique Mail Holder from Amazon

I love Amazon as it has many items for sale for really cheap price. For instance this vintage metal mail holder is sold at just 16.98$. Frankly for less than 20$ to have this great piece isn’t that bad. This mail holder features two hooks for cloth or key. Ideal for a joie de vivre.

buy now

antique looking mail holder for sale amazon
Looking antique metal mail holder for wall mount as sold on Amazon

Rustic Farmhouse Wire Hearts Shaped Mail Holder for Wall Mounted

Want your house to have a classic feeling? Then get this farmhouse heart shaped letter holder from Amazon. It is handmade with 18 heart shaped slot for your letters. Get it now at just 29.99$.

rustic heartshape vintage mail holder for wall


V R Post Office vintage metallic mail holder from Amazon

At 36.88USD, this is a vintage detail mail holder for wall. This product featured trendy aged nickel finish with three sorting section for different type of mails. For example, I like to keep the letters in three separate section. The first is for newly arrived letters that I have not read. The second is for those that I have read but keep for further action. The final section, I reserve it for invoice as I usually wait until last minute to pay my bill. Hence, the three section of this mail holder with wall mount is perfect for any home.


vr post office 3 section metalic vintage mail holder for wall mount


Wall Mount 3 Tier Letter Rack Organizer with key Holder by Décor Brother

Combine the key holder with letter holder is important to have a all in one functional holder for the wall next to the entrance. With this 3 tier letter rack by Décor Brother, you will no longer worry about mixing the letters. It will help you to sort your letters properly. This is the best seller product on Amazon at the moment.

>best seller vintage metalic decorative letter holder for wall mount

Rustic Brown Metal Wire Wall Mounted “Post” Mail Sorter

This rustic brown metal wire wall mounted mail storage is my last product review. It features a large compartment for storing not just letters but large book or magazine. Feature a text “POST”, this is a great decorative item for your entrance hall as well.


Rustic Brown Metal Wire Wall Mounted mail storage


It is not too late! Go and get yourself one of these vintage mail holder for your home. Especially, do not leave your entrance hallway empty, buy one of these letter rack storage organizer to help decorating your home!

>buy now in Amazon

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