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4 Cheap Outdoor Japanese Garden lanterns for sale

toscano lantern for sale

I love the zen garden. The beauty in an harmony atmosphere with an enclosure using Japanese fence , gives me a sense of peacefulness. I do not need to do any Yoga nor meditation to stay calm, instead by staying in these Japanese garden allows me to forget all the problem in my real life. That is how powerful the japanese garden can be. That is why today, i’d like to showcase 4 cheap outdoor Japanese garden lantern that you can consider implement in your backyard zen garden.

japanese garden lanterns history

The hisotry of japanese garden lanterns dated back to 600 A.D when they first brought back from China. Initially, these lanterns or Toro were used to illuminate the path in the pagoda and temples. The earlier lanterns have oil compartment where it can be used to light up during night time during the teas ceremony. In the modern history, though, the Toros are used for decorating purpose. They are ideals for outdoor zen garden (ref: http://www.huntington.org/uploadedFiles/Files/PDFs/BGJGlanterns.pdf) .

Japanese ToRo evening lighting

TIAAN Solar Lantern

This is one beautiful Japanese lantern for sale on Amazon. At just 69.95$ and you will own this beautiful outdoor lantern for your garden.

Toscano Pagoda Lantern

This is a large japanese garden lantern for sale on Amazon. It is on sale at just 79.99USD and it has only 4 in stock. So order now to avoid any disappointment.

toscano lantern for sale

Tiaan Japanese style lantern

This japanese garden lantern resin is beautifully built.It has a height of 24″ and is powered by solar energy. Very easy to use and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Ideal for a small backyard garden.

tiaan japanese style solar lantern

Vintage 1970s Cast Iron Toro for sale

This is a cast iron japanese garden lantern for sale on Etsy. The Lantern measures approximately 8″ tall x 9.5″ across and has a rusted, oxidized patina from outdoor use. The lantern itself is made in Taiwan, as a disclaimer.

cast iron japanese garden lantern cast iron japanese toro

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