Old jam jar candle holder diy project

old jam jar candle holder diy in the dark

Who does not like diy project? I know, I do. It is fun and can be easily done in less than 2 hours. Like the previous projects, this time it involves an old jam jar, I will turn this into a beautiful candle holder for winter in a short period of time.

old jam jar diy project

For this candle holder diy you will need:

  • Big candle
  • jar
  • lace
  • artificial snow
  • Christmas bell
  • some green branches
  • thread
  • hot glue gun

items you need for candle holder items you need for winter old jam jar candle holder large candle for diy project

Step 1

Take the thread and start wrapping  it around the top of the old jam jar, gluing it with hot glue gun. When you reach one cm from the top of the jar wrapped with the thread you can stop. Then continue with the lace. I’ve use white lace to reach the winter look, but you can use lace in any color you want. You can use wider or thinner lace. Also you can glue one or more layers of lace.

step 1 finding laces for the jar

jam jar for candle holder diy with laces on the top use glue gun to add lace to the jar use glue gun to attach the laces to the old jam jar use lace for the candle holder jar use lace on the jar for candle use laces to wrap around the jar wrap the lace on the jar

add a layer of white cloth for the jar jar for candle diy step2 step 2 adding a white cloth step 2 white cloth adding

Step 2

On the front of the jar put the branches you’ve chosen as a decoration. Wrap them a little around the jar or glue them as you wish. Also, glue the bell on top of the branches.

step 3 adding leaf step 3 old jam jar candle looks like this step3 adding winter leaf

Step 3

To complete the look put some artificial snow in the jar. At the end, put white candle in the jar. Turn the lights off, lit the candle and enjoy in the romantic atmosphere.

cutting the laces to make the bow

leaft and bow on the old jam jar candle holder the bow ties for the old tin the bow with leaf tie a bow knot for the jar

adding fake snow flakes into the old jam jar fakes snow is in the old jam jar place the candle into the jar


That is it for now. The DIY old jam jar candle holder project for winter isnt that difficult, after all. Enjoy…
final product of old jam jar candle holder

old jam jar candle holder diy in the dark
Beautiful old jam jar candle holder in the dark. A beautiful diy project for cold winter night.


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