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  • backyard string light for party goer

    8 cheap outdoor party lighting ideas you can implement tonight!

    This week, many countries in Southeast Asia celebrate their new year. Just like the Christian celebrating Christmas and the Hindu celebrating deepavali. During this period, they tidy their homes and put up some lighting to welcome the new year. For those who enjoy living in private homes, they would normally light up their backyard with […] More

  • old jam jar candle holder diy in the dark

    Old jam jar candle holder diy project

    Who does not like diy project? I know, I do. It is fun and can be easily done in less than 2 hours. Like the previous projects, this time it involves an old jam jar, I will turn this into a beautiful candle holder for winter in a short period of time. For this candle […] More

  • DIY Jar Pendant Light

    DIY Jar Pendant Light

    This is the perfect DIY Jar Pendant Light vintage blue ball perfect Mason Quart made of jars. Each bottle has a light switch on/off switch so that Light is generated you can customize. DIY Jar Pendant Light In the example screenshot below you can see that the DIY Jar Pendant Light has a vintage blend […] More