8 cheap outdoor party lighting ideas you can implement tonight!

You will uncover 8 party lighting ideas on a budget in this post

backyard string light for party goer

This week, many countries in Southeast Asia celebrate their new year. Just like the Christian celebrating Christmas and the Hindu celebrating deepavali. During this period, they tidy their homes and put up some lighting to welcome the new year. For those who enjoy living in private homes, they would normally light up their backyard with string light while those who live in the apartment or condo, they may light up their veranda.People would then gather together in a small village’s back year and party throughout the evening. Through this inspiration, let’s explore the cheap outdoor party lighting ideas you can implement right now.

1- Awesome string light around fire pit

In case your house has a fire pit at your backyard, consider putting up the string light around the pit area. Light them up and remember to add the cozy chairs around it. To finish the touch, remember to bring along some mash mellow 🙂

outdoor fire pit with string light for party
Via: awesome outdoor fire pit with string light. Amazing stuff for the party evening for large house.

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2- Outdoor string light under a tree

You have a tree at your backyard? How about lighting them up and put up a seating area with table. It is ideal for small party as some of you could sit down for a chit chat under the light up tree.
The photo below was taken from New York Time in 2013 where it showcases a home of a couple where it was designed to look like an exclusive nightclub.

backyard string light for party goer
Via: awesome outdoor fire pit with string light. Amazing stuff for the party evening for large house.

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3- Battery Powered String Light in a bottle

If you’re a big fan of a simple party, considering getting one of these battery powered string light in a bottle. with a dozen of these, you can in fact light them up and place them on the table. Alternatively you can place them to serve as the pathway leading to your party area.

outdoor table party light
Learn to make homemade outdoor lighting by using the material you already have at home such as wine bottle or mason jar. And of course, you would need simple light string like in this photo.

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4- Pathway Lighting for Party

Sometime, it is good idea to put some effort into the peaceful party. Look at this diy fire pit and evening lighting idea, you will see how one can transform a dull backyard to an interesting evening getaway. If you are planning the party, why not adding two wireless speakers to each sides of the fire pit. Likewise, to make the evening more pleasant, remember to install the LED path lighting to illuminate the way. Oh yes, if you live in an area that is infested by mosquito, how about adding some citronella torch to repel those bad ass mosquito that could destroy your party evening.

party outdoor lighting concept
via: diy fire pit with curvy pathway and string light.

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5- Backyard lighting on the wall

Do you have a house that is enclosed with the wall, why not adding some lighting on top of these wall just like the photo below:

backyard lighting on the wall

6- Rustic Hanging Mason Jar Candle Holders

For the classic look, hanging these mason jar candle holders onto the tree. These Mason jar remind me of my childhood memory. During the Halloween season my mom would light up the candles and place them into these jars. They look amazing! That is why for the evening subtle party, consider placing these mason jar candle holders – see below for the idea:

mason jar candle lighting on the tree
via: simple diy candle jar to be hang underneath the tree

For an added decorated mason jar, try this DIY to add a festive season effect. Or try this if you want to make a interior mason jar lighting instead.

7- outdoor lighting under a kiosk

This is for those who has an outdoor structure where one can sit or enjoy the evening. Just see the photo below for the idea.

evening party string and path lighting

8- outdoor pathway lighting with rope light

Rope light or also known as tube light is an amazing lighting for an outdoor project. They are amazing for three reasons: weather resistant, energy efficiency and incredibly easy to install. Just take a look at this DIY project to get an idea yourself.

Rope Light Walkway

Final thought

I count myself lucky to have a backyard. I usually light up during the Christmas every year. However, this year, I definitely want to decor more beautifully using one of these cheap method. And well, in case you have a bigger event, perhaps try to rent the party lighting from the specialist instead.

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