7 simple life hacks for Christmas 2017

coke bottle christmas lighting

Christmas is coming next week. How excited? In less than two weeks, we will be hitting 2018. Ya!! Well, Christmas is a happy season to share loves to all people who make a difference in your life. Likewise, to avoid any gloomy and depressing Christmas, I’d like to share with you the following 7 life hacks you can easily DIY for this end of year’s festive season.

1- Beautiful flashing light for your room

For this hack, you will need some small ball form and flashing string light . Then you would need to push the string light into the ball. And voila, you get a beautiful flashing light in ball form for your room.

2- How can you store Christmas ornaments for 2018’s use

Indeed, once you have finish the Christmas’s decoration, what would you do with the old ornament? Obviously you would not want to throw them away, right? In this case, use Pringle’s box to store the old ornaments in the shape of balls. That way you will not worry of breaking them.

pringle box for christmast ornament
photo: Handyman

3- How to make Christmas garland for door in 3 minutes

Dont want to spend a dime for Christmas garland for door, then this life hack is for you. It is very simple to do, just watch the video and scroll to the 1:08 minute, you are right there to see how this garland can be made in less than 3 minutes.

beautiful christmas garland for door

4- metal tin for Christmas napkin

Want to impress your guest? Then perhaps take 5 minutes to do hack your self. Very easy to follow. You will need an old tin fully cleaned and decorated string to cover it plus a DIY items such as scissors, glue gun etc. Well, you should just watch the video to see what I mean.

decorated tin for christmas napkin

5- DIY snowman from old Christmas ornament

This is my favourite. I am sure my boy would be happily to do this next year with me too. You will need three old Christmas ornaments, then you will cut them to be connected to one another. After which, you spray them into snow white. And voila, with some drawing skill, you get yourself a unique snowman for your 2018 Christmas decoration.

diy snowman made from christmas ornament

6- DIY lighting from Coke’s bottle

This can take time if you do not really like to DIY. It will need some nerve to break the light bulb in order to make way for string light to be connected into a Coke bottle. Scroll the video to 4:11 minutes and you are right there to watch how this life hack can be performed.

coke bottle christmas lighting

7- wine glass as candle holders

I, personally love this the most as it is so simple. Haha, if you are lazy like me, then this is the most simple DIY project this Christmas. All you need is several wine glasses and then arrange them to your liking. You then can put the candles on top of them. Voila, that is all for the 7 tips and tricks for 2017’s Christmas.

wine glass for candle holder

7 Life Hacks for 2017’s Christmas Hack

Without further a do, check the video below (via: Rupoti)


Year end is a festive season. With lots of gift exchange and lighting. This six minute craft video will show you seven simple life hacks that you and use for any Christmas and year end decoration.

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