Easy DIY key holder – Camouflage frame [video inside]

DIY Key holder for wall mount is one hot topic at the moment at homelilys. It represents about half of the traffic received on homelilys. Therefore, to further help my readers, I will attempt to fill the gap of previous post that does not provide a audio-visual element to make thing easy.

In this post, you will learn an easy DIY key holder using a camouflage frame in a step by step video, this is the courtesy of Cathy Diep.

Easy DIY Camouflage Wall Key Holder video

Do not lose your key and be messy again. It is time to get your hand dirty and create this cool diy keyholder.

Items you need for this DIY Project

Unframed cork board,
Screw hooks,
Camouflage fabric to cover the frame

Hot glue gun,
Measuring tape,
X-Acto knife,
A pair of scissor,

Thanks for watching and good luck.

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