Thoughtful gifts for new wife this Christmas

The nicest presents for new wife

best sleeping gift for newly wedded wife

So you are newly married and you have an awesome new wife. Now that Christmas 2018 is approaching and you wonder what should i get for her since you are not very sure of what she really wants. Of course you could go on honeymoon again or on an adventurous trip together this Christmas but it is not always the cheapest option. Therefore, you come online and research for a perfect gift for your newly wedded wife. No problem, I said, you come at the right place. That is because with my experience and my well researched on gift ideas for Christmas for women, you don’t have to look further. Alright, so here you go:

Best Sleeping Sound Machine

This is a must for any newly married couple who need a perfect sleep after an exhausting day and night. The machine emits white noise, among multiple other type of noise, that helps one sleeps better. You dont have to worry about your neighbor’s dog barking nor some reckless drivers honing during the night. These noises are hard to escape, especially during the night and that is why these sleeping sound machine or white noise machines are invented.

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best sleeping gift for newly wedded wife

In my research, sleeping therapy machine, an ideal gift for any occasions are made by many companies. These devices help your brain to relax by softening the sound through the white noises playing in the background:

Here are my listed of recommended white noise device to help your new wife sleep better:

Best Sleeping Mask

In line with the white noise machine, it is important to use sleeping mask if your wife is sensitive to light. These masks are designed to block unwanted light to your eyes. That means if you are living near to the street, the lamp post or the car’s light could hinder the good night sleep. As you know, our body is accustom to sleep when it is dark and in fact the a sleeping hormone called metalonin is produced in the absence of light. Hence these sleep masks, if selected properly can help you give you an excellent night sleep. Below is my recommendation:

Best Hair Dryer for her

I remember vividly during the first week of my marriage. One day after our wedding, we have moved to our newly built home. At that time, our home was not really fully equipped yet. Among the missing items was my wife’s favourite hair dryer. She was so mad that she just walk off without speaking to me for the rest of the day. That episode of unhappiness drives me to put the hair dryer as one of the best ideas you can get for your lovely wife.


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Night stand Docking Station for her

We are more and more sophisticate in 2018 and soon to be 2019. Women nowadays have at least one smart phone, laptops, watches and jewelry. These items need space to store, especially during night time. The docking station is built for this purpose. The station would have space for storing jewelry, watches and sometime it can be used to recharge her iphone as well.

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  • Best and cheap valet docking station: Red Wooden Phone Docking Station with Key Holder


Alright, this comes to the conclusion of perfect gift for new wife during this Christmas. If you think I have missed any gift ideas, remember to put them here below in the comment and I’ll consolidate them into another post. Good luck and be a lovely husband.


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  1. Wow! These are great ideas! I’m gonna share this to my partner so I won’t have to tell him the perfect gift for me. Lol.

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