4 affordable Vintage Danish pendant lamp for dining room

green vintage danish pendant light for dining room

From reviewing the statistic on homelilys décor blog, I realized a large portion of reader enjoy the Scandinavian design. To serve you better, I am going to perform a market research and provide you with the best four affordable vintage ceiling lights from Denmark (one of the Scandinavian country).

The goal of this post is to give you an idea that not all the Scandinavian lights are expensive. There are also some reasonable costs which will make your wallet happy. Without further ado, let’s delve into the four cheap vintage Danish ceiling light below:

1- Bambo Chandelier 1950’s retro Danish Modern Style at 300$

This chandelier definitely a vintage piece as it has a 1950’s style. This pendant light is made from Bamboo to fit the retro Danish modern Style. Currently on sale via Amazon at just over 300$. You would not beat any price elsewhere.

vintage bamboo danish ceiling light
Bamboo Rattan Wood and Steel Basket Chandelier 1950’s Retro Danish Modern Style for sale at around $300. Click here to buy.

Size: Basket only size 28″ tall with a 19″ diameter at widest point Comes with 70″ of chain – easy to remove links to make it just the right height for your needs.

Frankly, this bamboo retro ceiling lighting reminds me of Indonesian Fish trap that I used to see when I visit the fisherman here. While the shape is quite common in Indonesia, this bamboo Chandelier is a vintage piece from Danish design.

2- Green modern Danish light for dinning room at 190$

Did you know that in order to have a great meal, a warm lighting is needed? Yes, indeed and this Danish ceiling light provide warmth and welcoming to your dining area. Currently this ceiling light available on sale at

green vintage danish pendant light for dining room

3- Iconic Danish Mid Modern Chandelier at just $355

Emit the light from one hidden 60 watt light bulb in the center. A great piece for your mid modern dining hall. You can learn more where to buy from this link:

Iconic Danish Mid Modern Chandelier made from Aluminium

4- lassic White Danish Modern Pendant Light

White is beautiful. It is so true in this modern ceiling light. Although modern, the light still has a long lasting value just like any vintage light. Get more information from

modern white vintage danish ceilling light

Size: 19.5″L x 19.5″W x 12″H

Bonus: Rare Scandinavian vintage design pendant lamp at 181$

This is a bonus for you. I found this rare (only 18 in stock at the time of writing) Scandinavian vintage pendant lamp. Perfect for a larger dining hall. Amazing price at just 181$ per piece. Get one now at Amazon by clicking here.

Rare Scandinavian vintage design pendant lamp
If you ask me to choose, which vintage ceiling light I like the most? This must be the one. At an unbeatable price of just 181, this is a great and rare Scandinavian pendant lamp.

Final thought

I myself have bought a modern lighting that cost over 500$ for my dining room. In this post, I have given you 4 (plus a bonus) Danish pendant lamp that cost less than 400$. These lamp are very affordable and yet provide an exclusive feeling for your dining space that your guest would love it!

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