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  • green vintage danish pendant light for dining room

    4 affordable Vintage Danish pendant lamp for dining room

    From reviewing the statistic on homelilys décor blog, I realized a large portion of reader enjoy the Scandinavian design. To serve you better, I am going to perform a market research and provide you with the best four affordable vintage ceiling lights from Denmark (one of the Scandinavian country). The goal of this post is to […] More

  • Vintage Mid-century modern bentwood birch chair by Svan Studios

    Scandinavian Designs Furniture Collection 2012

    Furniture Scandinavian Design is always unique and qualified, not uncommon to many people who think that the design, such as some models of the Scandinavian Designs Furniture Collection 2012 comes here : 1. Vintage Mid-century modern bentwood birch chair by Svan Studios Vintage Mid-century modern bentwood chair is a Chair birch in combination with some […] More

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    Beach House Decorated with Washed Wood in Modern Scandinavian Style | Scandinavian decorating

    Washed wooden decorations provide shelter island beach house a modern and elegant atmosphere for Scandinavian-style decor. This is a great example how cool decorating with washed wood in modern Scandinavian beach house. Performed in the cedar-influenced buildings around 1980, where many wood furniture such as wooden walls, wooden floors, wooden furniture and so on. Relax with […] More

  • Modern White Cottage in Stockholm
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    Pure White Scandinavian Cottage in Stockholm

    This 110 square meters Swedish cottage displays nothing but stylish clean interior design with minimalist arrangements in its four rooms. The core of this cottage is the living room area with a welcoming rustic fireplace, white-pigmented oak floors and all-in-white walls. Several large windows can be found in almost every corner and these make the […] More