Unique DIY Gift Ideas: Heart Shape Light Bulb

Finished DIY project using recycle light bulb for your other half

Last week, I published a DIY Gift Ideas using a recycle box for hand towel. The decorated box can then be used in either a living room or a garden. Today, let’s try another DIY project which will take less than 2 hours to do. The theme is a unique gift for loved one. Particularly, I like the concept of using an old light bulb for a DIY.

At the end of this DIY project, you will end up with a cool heart shape light bulb which read “You Light My Life”:

You Light Up My Life DIY gift idea recycle lightbulb

For this DIY project you will need

  • One recycle light bulb
  • A scissors
  • A hot glue gun (with enough glue for sure)
  • A small recycle box (to serve as a box holder beneath the light bulb) or a small piece of wood
  • Half meter of tiny electrical wire to make a heart shape design
  • Adhesive Paper
  • A Plier

See below of the actual items you need for this DIY gift idea

Heart Shape Light Bulb DIY project things you need


DIY steps to make this heart shape recycle light bulb gift for your other half

Step 1: Bend the electrical wire to shape like a little hearts – make three of them. You can use the pliers to help with this task.

One trick to make it easy during this step is to select a medium strength wire i.e. not too hard or too soft. Be creative, you can select different colors of the wire to your desire.

Alternatively you can also design a different shape, for example you can design the name of your loved one, instead of just heart shape.

Heart Shape Light Bulb DIY gift idea using plier to shape the wire using pliers to shape the wire into heartshape Use Plier to bend the electrical wire into 3 heart shaped string like this

Step 2: The second step is to tidy up and remove the content inside the light bulb. To do so, break the bulb from the bottom and pull all the pieces from the inside with the pliers. Be extra careful with this step as you could cut yourself (now that I look back, I realize I should have use a glove for this purpose). Put the little hearts made from wire in step 1 inside the lamp and glue them at the bottom of the lamp – see picture below:

DIY gift Idea - insert the heart shaped wire into the light bulb and glue the bottom

Step 3: Take the small recycle box and cover it with the adhesive paper. I use the black color here but you can select other choice as you wish. Remember, you can also use a small wooden block as well. However, since I like to make any DIY gift idea under 2 hours, I prefer to use simple tool and in this case a paper box works fine.

DIY gift idea -cover small box with adhersive tape DIY gift idea - cover small box with adhersive tape

Step 4: If you use piece of wood you can leave it like that or you can paint it in different color. Then take the lamp and glue it on the top of the box using hot glue gun.

DIY gift ideas - glue the light bulb into the paper box created in earlier step

Step 5: As you know you can always be creative and add some more finishing touches.

I’ve chosen to tie a little bow on the bottom of the lamp with red ribbon decorated with hearts to cover the glue.

DIY gift idea from recycle electrical light bulb decorated with red ribbon diy gift idea - decorative step to cover the glue

Step 6: Then I took a little white piece of paper and I wrote a note “you light my life”. You can also print the note you want to put on your gift. Glue the note on front side of the box. I’ve also added a little red beats on the four corners of the note.

You Light My Life written on piece of paper for a DIY gift idea projectFinished DIY project using recycle light bulb for your other half

Voila! There you have a perfect DIY gift for your loved ones and you don’t even have to have experience to make it. I dare you to complete this project in less than 2 hours!

Still confused? Get this step by step DIY project through this video below. If you like what you see, please subscribe to my channel for more.

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