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  • Finished DIY project using recycle light bulb for your other half

    Unique DIY Gift Ideas: Heart Shape Light Bulb

    Last week, I published a DIY Gift Ideas using a recycle box for hand towel. The decorated box can then be used in either a living room or a garden. Today, let’s try another DIY project which will take less than 2 hours to do. The theme is a unique gift for loved one. Particularly, […] More

  • DIY Jar Pendant Light
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    DIY Jar Pendant Light

    This is the perfect DIY Jar Pendant Light vintage blue ball perfect Mason Quart made of jars. Each bottle has a light switch on/off switch so that Light is generated you can customize. DIY Jar Pendant Light In the example screenshot below you can see that the DIY Jar Pendant Light has a vintage blend of Mason, […] More