4 ideas for tiny bedroom decoration

vertical space for a tiny bedroom

Are you living in a tiny bedroom? By tiny, I refer to a bedroom of less than 20 square meters or a 4 by 5 meters room. You see living in a small space require lots of planning and good decoration. That way you could enjoy the minimal space that you have to the maximum. Read on, if you would like to get some ideas how to make the best use of the tiny space that you have in your bedroom.

1- Spring Cleaning regularly

No doubt, the most important of all is to keep your bedroom clean. This does not need to be a once a year event. In fact, you should keep your room tidy the moment you wake up. Try making up your bed, tug in the pillow below the blanket the next time you wake up.

Once a week, perform a deep or spring cleaning. Get underneath the bed using Roomba to vacuum all those dirt that get underneath it during the week. Open the window and door to get fresh air in and old air out. Amazingly, you will feel so fresh and cosy in your small bedroom.

spring cleaning for small bedroom by girl organize
As seen on girl organized, From a small room to a clean and tidy room by spring cleaning every week.

2- Pick the right color

Select the appropriate color for your small bedroom could make or break the peacefulness of the ambiance. As you may know many interior design uses the color to shape the style and feel of the room. Like many of us, we like to spend the quality time in a peaceful and relaxing evening time in our bedroom. Therefore, choosing the right color is not just important but essential to make your room a liveable space.

small bedroom dark coloar a sense of solitude

The evergreen color that I can suggest is the neutral color. By neutral, I mean bright or matt shade of cream, egg shell or beige. These colors are very popular because it tends to go well with other design.

small bedroom dark color to make room bigger

On the other hand, you could also try other color. For example, green signifies calm, balance, stability and nature while blue refers to serenity, protection, contemplation and prevent bad dream. On the other hand, purpose is usually linked to happiness, fertility and creativity.

small space using blue color to make it biggerdark blue tiny bedroom to make it look grand

green bedroom making a harmony living space small bedroom using green color concept

3- Think vertical

Like Singapore and hong kong, we should think Vertical. You see when we don’t have much space horizontally, think vertically. How about making some shelve onto those walls?

corner shelf for a small bedroom

vertical space for a tiny bedroom
via beneath my heart , amazing vertical design for a tiny bedroom and yet make it as a large liveable space.

4- Arrange furniture carefully

Finally, similar to the first concept of spring cleaning, arrange your furniture could help improve the look and feel of your tiny space. Try it for yourself and be amazed by how easy it is to make your room feel bigger.

And of course, remember the foldable bed I post the other day? It could yet be another ideas to make the extra small bedroom larger by using one of these murphy bed.

arranging furniture for a small bedroom to make it spacious

tiny bedroom furniture arrangement

Via: Krissallendaily


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