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DIY IKEA Murphy Bed Design

The other day when doing research for a swiss concept bed, I stumbled upon a term Murphy Bed which to my surprise, it is a foldable bed which I have seen it before.

According to Wikipedia, Murphy bed has other names such as fold-down bed, pull down bed or wall bed. The difference between this type of bed and the normal bed is that the murphy bed is hinged at one end in order to store it vertically against the wall or in a cabinet. While this type of bed has only recently become more popular, the original bed was patented by William Murphy around 1900, way way back! In fact, one of his well-known patent filed in June 1912 is called “Disappearing bed”

Murphy Bed Design

It is normal that the murphy bed does not have a box spring. This is to avoid the mattress sags when the bed is folded up. Instead, the mattress is often attached to the bed frame itself. Most modern pull-down beds are equipped with a piston lift to help with the opening and closing of the bed.

Given the design, it is important to be careful when closing and opening the bed as in the past accidents did happen where the bed could collapse on the operator if not installed properly.

Now, enough of the story, let’s enjoy the various murphy bed concept from vintage to the most modern design as following.

1- Vintage Murphy Bed

I am going to show you some vintage pull-down bed and hope you could appreciate this old design. Do share them on your Facebook if you find it inspiring.

vintage murphy bed
This probably is one of the best vintage murphy bed I have ever seen. It seems difficult to operate though coz it looks heavy but due to the wooden design, this foldable bed definitely a good fit for any ancient home.
vintage wall murphy bed wooden design
Yet another vintage pull-down bed wooden design. It looks heavy but this ancient murphy bed is a great fit for a living room.
super antique murphy bed taken in 2011
The photo was taken in May 2011 but this murphy bed in a cabinet is a very true antique wall bed. A rare specie if I may.

2- Morden Murphy wall Bed

red wooden wall bed in a cabinet

beautiful ikea murphy bed
Did you know that Ikea also sells Murphy Bed? Yes, they do and their wall bed isn’t that expensive either.
ikea cheap murphy bed design
Ikea not only sells cheap furniture but also the murphy bed. Ikea has a different design to choose from. I am pretty sure you would get the design that you like, just like in this photo as an example.

The next three photos show a DIY Ikea Murphy Bed that you can buy and assemble at your own home.
DIY IKEA Murphy Bed Design DIY IKEA Murphy Bed Design What you Need GuideDIY IKEA Murphy Bed Design with White Cabinet Result

3- Other Unique Murphy Wall Bed
modern and trendy black murphy bed in a cabinet

modern black pull down bed

modern murphy wall bed design

trendy pull down wall bed
pulldown bed for small bedroom with cabinet for storage

4- King Size Murphy Bed

Yes I know, you are looking for a king-size wall bed. The good news is that it does exist, but the bad news is that it needs to be custom made. As such, if you do really want to get the king or queen size murphy bed, you may want to go to your local carpenter and have one made. You will be lucky if you could get one from Ikea or similar furniture shop.

imanda king size murphy bed from ikea

beautiful design king size murphy bed

Well, thank you for your visit and that is all for now. Until later, do enjoy and be inspired.


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