3 simple Tips for bed arrangement for a small space

Practical guide to an uncluttered room

wooden single bed along side wall arrangement

The following tips target single person or someone who has a young adolescent kids. Bed arrangement is not always evident, especially in a small bedroom. Either there is a space constraint or you simply run out of ideas on how to improve the living space. By following the three simple steps here, you will make your small single bedroom more livable.

Place bed right next to the wall

For a small single bedroom, it is advisable you place the bed along side of the longest wall. That way you will leave space for other purpose. Well, simply put you do not have other choice. Here the idea is to conserve as much space as you can while you need to use your creative mind to placing furniture accordingly to suit the void space.

single bed arrangement right next to the wall

wooden single bed along side wall arrangement
A cozy single bed in a small space – ideal for single.
smart space for a single room arrangement
Yet another perspective to a single bed arrangement in a small space.

Place bed along side of a window

In case your small room has a window, it is suggested that you place the single bed along side the window. This would allow good energy to flow through the window nicely to the bed. Besides, in this bed arrangement, you will not hurt your eyes through the sun ray that seep through the curtain every morning or afternoon.

single bed in a small room along side large window
what is really important in a small space is the idea of using furniture or items to decorate the void space. This enable more color to your room. Need those items: check here.

fold down curtain with single bed next to it

queen size bed in a small single room bed arrangement

You see from this photo, a simple way to arrange a single bedroom in a small space is similar to the bed arrangement that we find in most boutique hotels around the world. viasuper cute and cool single bed for small space

Try Murphy Bed

Have you heard of Murphy bed? Fred not, click here for an inspiration. I remember when I had a holiday in France, I had stayed in a super small studio room. However, everything is so functional and among them is the murphy bed which I simply can fold it up during day time and thus leaving so much space for me to enjoy. Therefore, despite having a small space, murphy bed could be an ideal alternative to the regular bed.

ikea murphy bed fold down and up murphy single bed with bookshelve single pull down murphy bed

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