Indonesian influenced bed room decor

sleeping in an indonesian tree house

It is time to find out how the Indonesian décor their bedroom, shall we? Here I am referring to a great décor not just a traditional Indonesian house décor but a modern and exclusive photos from a renown Indonesian interior designer.

Indonesia is one of a large island country. At almost 2 million square kilometres, Indonesia is the 14th largest country of the world in term of land size but it is considered as 7th largest if we combined the land and sea together. Therefore, you can expect a different in the décor across the country. In this post, you will see various décor we found inside an Indo’s houses. Enjoy:

Bali’s bedroom décor

Let’s start with the Bali’s house. You see, Bali is very close to Australia and every year there are many many Australian visiting this beach town. And more and more Bali designers flock to this town to showcase their talent in boutique hotels, guest house and luxurious 5 stars service apartment. Below are some photos of those designs to enjoy:

Source: Bali

bali style bedroom for outdoor balinese bedroom decor with indonesian silk bed cover interior large Balinese bedoom decor in modern world

Bedroom on the sea

The following are bedroom designed technically right on the sea which you have view of sea creatures right beneath the bed. Would you dare sleeping in such room?

on sea bedroom in indonesia

Traditional Indonesian bedroom

Lastly please enjoy some bedroom décor right from the traditional Indonesian people.

bali style bedroom with traditional indo decor

bambo cottage in traditional indonesian house
beautiful traditional indonesian bedroom decor with so much space

sleeping in an indonesian tree house


That is all for now. Hope you had enjoy some indo’s décor for their bedroom.

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