8 Best Wood Beer Caddy You can Buy under 100$

beer bottle with opener made from acacia tree

Summer is the best time of the year for me. I have a longer holiday and I usually would go to the wood with my gear and at time spending time outdoor with my mate. One essential tool I do not forget is my wood beer caddy (for example check this cold creek brewing). The crate is not just essential and functional but also very beautifully designed. It can be used both outdoor or indoor. Well, I prefer to use it mostly outdoor as they are weather resistant.

Good gift for:

The wooden beer carrier is an ideal gift for men mostly. In particular, you could get these beer holders for your farther, your daddy in law during his birthday or on father’s day (this year falls on Sunday June 18th 2017). Some people also reported that they get these beer caddy for their groomsmen on a wedding day. Not a bad idea either. Lastly, these beer caddies could be great Christmas gift idea for men as well.

What you should look out when buying Wood Beer Caddy

  • Check out for minimum clinking sound i.e. if the crate is intended for a 6 pack, then the space in those holes must not be too large or it will make lots of clinking sound.
  • The shape of the crate shall be either square or rectangular. Do not buy those that are round or wavy shape as they are not easily transportable.
  • I prefer the beer caddy to be multi function. Therefore, I always buy those that have at least a bottle opener. Well, it is a personal choice.

Without further ado, let’s check out these 27 best wood beer crate you can buy for under 100$.

Wood Beer Caddy With Opener

Let me start with the Caddy that has a built in beer opener. This is because it is my favourite designed. First of all, I don’t need to buy or remember to bring my beer opener all the time.

1. Hedge & Ruiz Emporium’s 6 pack handcrafted wooden beer tote

This beer tote is good for a six pack 12 oz bottles. Featured removable inner bottle partition for larger beer bottles and a antique looking beer opener on its right side. This tote is made entirely in America and by hand. Therefore, each piece is unique on its own. For sale on Amazon at just 34.95$.

Hedge & Ruiz Emporium 6 pack beer carrier

2. Bey Berk’s black solid wood 6 pack bottle caddy

This is yet another great designed 6 pack bottle caddy with an opener. It is made totally from black solid wood and it has a dimension of 9″L x 6″W x 9.5″H. Currently for sale on Amazon at just 30.95$. Not to mention its ergonomic handle is a plus.

Bey Berk's solid wood 6 pack bottle caddy

3. Cheap 6 pack handcrafted bottle carrier with bottle opener  by The Stout Crate

This 6 bottle tote is made with pine construction with plywood at the base. Currently for sale at just 19.99$, it is one of the cheapest wood beer caddy I found. With a lifetime guarantee by the Stout Crate, you will never get wrong.

cheap plywood beer caddy under 20 dollar

While it is the cheapest I find, many customers are happy customer. One of the client states that the caddy can be painted or stained. The wooden tote takes very well when sanded and stained.

4. Perfect Pour’s wooden 6-pack beer holder with napkin holder and opener

This product is different from other customized beer tote out there thanks to its side holder. It was promised to hold beer flights, napkins or coasters. However, some clients claimed that they were having a hard time finding beer glass that fit nicely onto the beer flights as this product includes the two beer flights but not the beer glass. Therefore, if you intend to buy this from Amazon at 35.95$, I suggest use the side rack for napkins or coaster instead and be prepared to find a beer glass that will fit into the beer flights.

Wooden 6-Pack Beer Holder Comes With Two Beer Flights Holder and Mounted Bottle Opener by Perfect Pour


5- Wooden 6 pack beer caddy made from Acacia tree

Unlike other beer tote, this product by Foster & Rey are made from Acacia’s tree. It also has a rustic iron opener for any bottle cap. Currently on sale on the Internet at just 39.99$.

beer bottle with opener made from acacia tree


6- beer caddy plansPine wood beer caddy without opener from Brazil

This is a product of Brazil. The look of this beer caddy is very different from the other in the product. However, it does not cost as much as other. Currently on Amazon, the price is just $21.99.

What make this different is its design, I must say. In fact you can use this as a décor for your living room. And yes, this can hold up to 6 beers can or bottle, as you wish for. A perfect gift from Brazil.

wooden beer tote without opener

7-Antique style opener wooden beer tote for 6 cans

Now that you have seen 6 best beer totes of various design, this one may not be very different. It is made from pine wood and can hold up to 6 bottles. The main different is that the Craft Caddy’s beer tote boasts an antique style opener. The other unique points about this product is its creative beautiful logo and the vintage looking dark stained wood. Currently you can buy this online at Amazon for just 29.99$

antique style opener wooden beer tote for sale

8-Wooden Beer Carrier with magnetic cap catcher

What a great idea! This beer carrier has a magnetic built into one of its wall. This means when you finish open up a bottle, you can let the caps rest attached to its wall without the need to find dustbin to throw the unwanted bottle cap. This mean you an enjoy the drink while it is still cold and to only clean up once the party is over.

wooden beer caddy with magnetic cap catcher

Why not go now and buy this beer carrier online? It is just 24.95$ now.

Beer Caddy Plans

Now that you have seen quite a few beer carriers for sale. You may wonder if you can in fact DIY too. I would say: Yes. There is no limit when it comes to diy project. You will definitely need quite a number of tools such as hammer, nails, saws and of course plywood or solid recycled wood and lots of passion for hands on activities.

In this section of the post, I am more interested to give you some beer caddy plans that you can use to follow. The rest depends on your creativity but this design ideas would help you kick start your interest to have a beer caddy for yourself.

6 pack wooden beer caddy plan
A diy project for a 6 pack wooden beer carrier – beer caddy plan. Click on Image to Enlarge. Source

Below photo is taken from a step by step guide (Source: South African Site) to diy beer caddy. Enjoy the 2nd beer caddy plans as follow:

beer caddy plan

Conclusion Remark

Amazon gift for any men: Beer Caddy. Whether it is for a father in law or groomsmen, beer carrier is a long lasting for men’s friend. You will never go wrong with this type of men’s gift.


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