19 Modern Tudor Homes that Give Your Jaw Wide Open

beautiful interior of a Tudor Home

As part of my European’s visit, I passed by Strasbourg France. I came across this weird looking restaurant (Au Pont St Martin) which I then pass the photo to my Facebook Group for advice as to the age of the building.

It turns out that the designed is called English Tudor or Cottage House. From the FB group, I learnt that the building most likely be built sometime in 1578 (anyone wants to comment otherwise?). It was designed that way with the black wooden beam crisscross each other so to reinforce the structure itself. This is needed because of the old/ancient technology at that time. I also learnt that this design is quite common in England and the American call this type of designed an English Tudor.

Au Pont St Martin Restaurant with Tudor Design
Weird Restaurant Au Pont St Martin in Strasbourg.

Modern English Tudor

Although the English tudor home shall be an old and ancient home, newly design also incorporate this design and you will find 19 modern English tudor below to enjoy the beauty of this type of architecture.
large estate english tudor house modern English Tudor big house
traditional modern English Tudor home in California

modernize tudor style residence in New York by Joeb Moore

modernize tudor style residence in New York by Joeb Moore in Winterbeautiful cottage home in Londonclassic english Tudor Home in Modern Age

Interior photo of a Modern English Tudor Style Home

Enjoy the exclusive photos of these modern English Tudor-style home. Never seen before inside photos of a cottage English home:

beautiful interior of a Tudor Home interior of an English Tudor modern homeexclusive expensive interior photo of an English Tudor home

inside a living room of an English Tudor Stle Homebedroom in a Tudor style cottage home

Tudor style living room decoration
the fire place add a detail and warmness to this tudor living room. The black wood beam adds to the modern living of an ancient Tudor design home.

staircase in a tudor home in New York
beautiful dinning room of a Tudor Home

I hope these 19 modern tudor home will inspire you. These type of cottage house does not come cheap either so, well we can only get inspired but not many of us can afford to live in these cool modern cottage house though.

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