Hasena swiss bed concept

Hasena is a swiss base furniture company. The company was established in early 1950 by three Hasenfratz brothers. Originally only rudimentary tools were used to mad these awesome swiss design bedframe. Fast forward 60 years later, a new production line has come to shape with a new factory in Biel-Benken.

Among the many Hasena ‘s bed design, I like the Cube Setta for its sleek look and yet functional. I could put up to 6 pillows and 2 thick winter blanket underneath the bed with ease thanks to its box sold separately. Sadly I cant buy it coz all the online store seems to be all in German which I got no clue what they mean.


Update News on Swiss Bed Concept

Since I wrote this post in late 2014, I have purchased a similar bed from a local store. Although the wood is not from Switzerland, the brand name is a swiss brand. In fact, I bought this swiss bed in late 2015 i.e. one year after this post. The bed made from solid oak and is unique because the oak itself is not dust wood, instead a real solid wood. I must say, Swiss bed is luxurious and expensive Yet, it is reliable and durable.

Here are some more photo of swiss bed I am talking about:

wooden swiss bed nice concept

natural oak swiss bed concept

natural solid wood swiss bed

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